It was dark so I got to snog Jake – 22nd July 2000

Saturday 22nd There’s a spare seat on our coach so Jake gets to stay with us all week!! 🙂

We had quite a few trips, the first one being to the Municipal Grotto. They were just cave things with paintings and carvings and stuff but it was dark so I got to snog Jake without too many people noticing!


[I had the occasional break from snogging to take a few photos.]

Then we went on the toboggan run which was quite good but going on a chairlift doesn’t seem right without skis on!

I picked this →


up from the place cos I couldn’t be bothered getting my camera out. It was free, I think! Some people had a go on a death wire thing which came from the top of the tower on the postcard.


[Cat on the death wire thing. F that S.]

Jake and I didn’t bother so we could just stand and cuddle.

After that, we went bowling. That was alright except our lane kept not giving Jake his points and stuff. That was also the point what Cat told me she fancied the tour rep but then so does Gethin!

Jake came back to our hotel again this evening and I had a rather interesting conversation with him. We started talking again about how long we’ve liked each other and he said he’s liked me ages before the college bowling trip last year and has since I was in Year 11 but doesn’t quite know when or why. He said it might have been triggered by Emma who I’d been best mates with at the time.

The uni subject then came up. He said he doesn’t care about uni cos he doesn’t want to leave me.

Unfortunately, the hotel doors had to be locked so we had to say goodbye. We did try the fire escape so he could’ve left a bit later but there was a gate and a security camera so it didn’t work. He told me he loves me and then had to leave.

Ohhh, I want him so much! I can’t keep my hands off him!


P.S. First concert in open air theatre in Valkenburg. Went quite well. Shelly and Emma told me that Jake and I are a nice couple and not annoying like others!


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