I’m not sure what he’s got in mind for that tent! – 16th July 2000

Sunday 16th I’ve still not had a postcard from Jake and he says he’s sent me a 3rd one too. I wish they’d hurry up and get here! He was on a train to Linz in Austria when I texted him this morning.

My cousins went home to Wick this morning. I’d rather they could’ve stayed a bit longer cos I hardly ever see them and I like doing so.

I was bored so I sent Jake another message telling him they’d left but that I’d gained a pair of Grumpy pyjamas from Disney World. He said, “OH – YOU’LL HAVE TO WEAR THEM AT FREDA’S PARTY! WELL MAYBE NOT TO HER PARTY BUT AFTERWARDS! : ) IT’S NOT VERY WARM HERE! MISS YOU! : ( : ( : ( LOVE xJx”.

I told him that I probably wouldn’t take the pyjamas cos I’m not expecting to sleep and he said, “NO! YOU WON’T BE SLEEPING – WE’VE GOTTA MAKE UP FOR ALL THIS TIME APART!!! : ) ONLY 5 MORE COUNTRIES BEFORE I GET TO YOU! LOVE YOU LOADS! : ) xxx JAKE xxx”.

I’m not sure what he’s got in mind for that tent!


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