Hayley’s suddenly decided to speak to us all again – 12th July 2000

Wednesday 12th Back to college today. Hayley’s suddenly decided to speak to us all again now Georgia Dean’s gone off to join the police. She says she’ll never be able to trust Sarah again apparently but I think that it should be the other way round.

I got told by the IT teacher that I passed my INIT exam [I have no idea what this was.] with distinction so I either got 98%, 99% or 100%! It wasn’t exactly difficult though really!

Jake was in Venice at lunchtime and had a 16 hour train journey to Budapest ahead of him. I texted him to tell him that Cat reckons he’s really lucky and his reply to me was, “I AM LUCKY THAT I’M ON THIS TRIP – I’M ALSO LUCKY THAT I’M GOING ON THE CRUISE BUT I’M EVEN MORE LUCKY HAVING YOU! THE CRUISE IS ONLY 10 NIGHTS – THAT’S NOTHING…” and then, “COMPARED TO THIS! ALTHOUGH I’M MISSING YOU MORE AND MORE EVERY DAY, THE THOUGHT OF SEEING YOU AND THERE BEING 1 LESS DAY EVERY DAY MAKES IT A BIT BETTER! : )”.

Well, we’ve only got about a week left to go now hopefully!


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