She wanked the cricketer off in a bus shelter – 24th June 2000

Saturday 24th This morning I got a message of Jake saying, “ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT NOW IS YOU LYING ON THAT SOFA WITH YOUR FLEECE ON! : ) SOOOOO CUTE!!! UH! NOW YOU’VE DONE IT – I CAN’T CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING ELSE : ) LOVE xJx”. It’s sort of nice to hear that you have that effect on someone!

At about 3:00pm, Auntie S, Uncle G, Rhian, Tom and Minnie arrived here. They’re stopping over for the night cos they’re getting on a plane from Manchester airport to Florida tomorrow morning. It’s nearly a year since I last saw my cousins so it was nice to see them and Auntie S and Uncle G. We went for our tea at The Green Dragon across the road so Tom and Minnie could got in the play area bit.

I got a message from Jake this afternoon saying he’d got out of an 8 hour shift at work so we could go out. I was torn between seeing him or staying with Rhian and co. Rhian’s 14 now so she wanted to go out tonight as well so I asked Jake if he’d mind if Rhian and Abby came out with us too. He said he didn’t so we arranged to go to the cinema at the Trafford Centre.

Sarah phoned me at one point and asked if anything was happening so I told her. It turned out she was working until 8:00pm so I said we could meet her there and that Jake would probably give her a lift home seeing as it’s on the way back.

So, all the arrangements worked well, until Abby decided to invite Connor. I told her while she was asking him that there wasn’t room in the car but she ignored me even though she heard me. I don’t know why she couldn’t have just gone one night without seeing him cos he’s been round here all week! I have to cope without seeing Jake!

She was digging her heels in though, saying we could squash everyone in (which we couldn’t have done!) and I got really frustrated and ended up getting upset… again! I really don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment but every time I get angry or something I end up in tears! Uncle G ended up giving Abby and Rhian money to get a taxi back. That wouldn’t have been necessary if Connor wasn’t going.

The other reason I didn’t really want Connor to come is that when he and Abby are together, she acts like she’s well hard and they both take the piss (nastily), calling us sad and stuff cos we don’t go out to places like town on a Friday night!

Anyway, it all got sorted in the end cos Abby, Rhian and Connor got a taxi (although Rhian could’ve had a lift). We went to see Drive Me Crazy in the end. It was okay, nice and cheerful! The only problem was that the main lad in the film’s mum had died of cancer and it got mentioned. Jake didn’t react but Sarah and Abby said they felt uncomfortable afterwards.

Jake and I managed to cuddle up to each other in our seats and he rested my hand on his leg so I had to shift my legs so the others couldn’t see. I didn’t actually do anything else though. I really wanted to snog him but it felt weird in front of Abby and Rhian and I didn’t want Rhian feeling like a gooseberry or something!

Rhian told me that she thought Connor was only “alright” and that he scared her but she thought Jake’s very nice.

On the way home, Hayley rang Sarah. She spoke to us both and told us that she wanked the cricketer off in a bus shelter! I just would not phone everyone and tell them straight away! In fact, I’ve never said anything about me and Jake to anyone.

When she’d gone, Jake was letting us know how disgusted he was by what she’d done, saying that it’s a really slutty thing to do and that he’d have no respect for a girl who did something like that so soon after meeting him.

Later on, I got a message off Jake and we somehow ended up having a text conversation about us never being alone. He told me he’d never do stuff in a car down a dark lane but he said he’d “sort something out”. I’m not quite sure what though!


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