Jacking off in his cupboard – 22nd June 2000

Thursday 22nd Today turned out to be quite good in the end. I was beginning to doubt I wanted to go this morning cos I didn’t want to be getting the way of any lad chats! Sarah ended up coming too which I was quite pleased about, otherwise I’d have been stuck with Jake, Gethin and Robbie Taylor (who I will call MiniTaylor in this diary from now on due to there being too many Roberts and Jake gets called ‘Taylor’ by most people!). It was just quite funny cos Gethin was being a prick so MiniTaylor was taking the piss out of him but Sarah was still worshipping the ground Gethin walked on!

We spent most of our time in Starbucks as usual but trekked round the shops for a bit. Jake went in River Island (the bloke bit of course!) to look at some bandanas! He’d better not get one! Both Taylor lads wear Quiksilver stuff (sad!) so we kept losing them both to it this time!

I got left on a bench with Jake for a while cos we couldn’t be bothered moving. The others wandered off and came back talking about MiniTaylor jacking off in his cupboard or something?! I didn’t want to know!

We then saw Ewan Swann (prat!) and Maisie Jones and then decided to go home!

I had a message before saying, “HELLO! DID YOU JUST HEAR THE THUNDER? IT’S FINALLY ARRIVED! HOW’S THE REVISION GOING? I’M SO GLAD YOU CAME TODAY! I’M MISSING YOU NOW THOUGH! LOVE YOU!!! : ) xxx”. That pleased me in the middle of my Geography revision! I’ve got my last external exam tomorrow!

Found out from MiniTaylor that their sister’s read Jake’s text messages! I’m going to have to get his phone off him and read them cos I can’t remember what I put!


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