Perhaps in a mad fit of passion!! – 20th June 2000

Tuesday 20th I decided to send Jake a message at about 11:00 last night cos I thought he’d be home by then. I just asked if he had any exams before Friday and told him about Cat and Floyd breaking a bed (perhaps in a mad fit of passion!!) and, to my relief, he sent one back. I wasn’t sure if he wanted me sending messages but he didn’t seem to mind. He said, “NO HAVEN’T GOT AN EXAM!! WHY – ARE YOU IN COLLEGE? IT WAS MY MUM’S FUNERAL THIS AFTERNOON – JUST HAD A BIG MEAL AT THE HOTEL WITH FRIENDS! LOVE YOU TOO – LOTS!!! xJx”.

So he finally decided to tell me… after it was over! I suppose at least he said something eventually. I sent him one back saying I knew about the funeral cos loads of other people had told me. I also said I was meeting Hayley and Gethin in college so we could go to Sarah’s today. He said, “WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT THE FUNERAL? – I THINK I ONLY TOLD GETHIN! I DIDN’T WANT TO SAY COS YOU WERE REVISING! SO SHOULD I COME IN AT ABOUT 11am? LOVE xJx”.

I suppose he had no reason to think that I couldn’t concentrate on my revision anyway cos I already knew and was worrying cos he hadn’t said anything! As for him telling Gethin about it, well, I nearly cried again! That really upset me that he’d told Gethin and not me. I also remembered that on Friday he told me he’s going on a cruise for 2 weeks with Hugo on the 19th August and later on I found out that Gethin had known about it for ages before me! I’m not pleased about that at all!

Anyway, I told Jake that loads of people have been asking/telling me about the funeral all week and that I had to say I didn’t know much about it which caused me to get some weird looks! He said, “SORRY – HOPE YOU DON’T FEEL TOO STUPID! SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU!” The rest of that message was just about going to Sarah’s.

I sent him another saying it was okay but I’ve been getting the feeling that some people think I don’t care and that I do. I also asked if he tells Gethin everything! His reply was, “I KNOW YOU CARE! ONLY TOLD G COS HE ASKED WHAT I WAS DOING THIS AFTERNOON! MY NEXT EXAM IS FRI! SO IS EVERYONE FRIENDS AGAIN THEN?? LOVE YOU LOTS!!! : ) xJx”. It made me feel a bit better when he said that Gethin had asked cos if I’d have asked he’d probably have told me too.

There were a few messages after that saying about his Europe holiday and how I’ll apparently “need my friends”. I told him that I don’t need them as much as everyone seems to think cos they’re all acting like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown or something while he’s away! His reaction to that was, “AAH!!! GONNA THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME! YOU WON’T HAVE A BREAKDOWN! YOU’RE TOO STRONG AND I’M GONNA CALL YOU ALL THE TIME!! : ) xJx”. I really don’t know where he’s getting the idea that I’m “strong” or whatever from!!

The 4 of us went to see Sarah today like we arranged. We didn’t do much! We just sat about, watched The Full Monty on video and listened to music. Jake told me I was “cuddly” again and he said he wanted to eat my arm and take my nose away with him! Hmmm… I think someone’s gone a bit mad! It must be the hot weather we’re having at the moment!

We were discussing this “fit” cricketer that Hayley’s found at the Sports Club and I agreed to go with her to see him tonight. Jake started telling me that he didn’t want me to chase any cricketers and that he doesn’t trust Hayley not to lead me astray! He’s not that keen on the idea of me going on Hayley’s brother’s girlfriend’s hen night to Blackpool either!

Yet again, the Canada subject came up. He told me that he won’t have a good time all the time cos he’ll have to sit and read or something due to the drinking age being 21 where he’s going! Someone asked how he’d cope without alcohol and he said, “I can cope without alcohol, I just can’t cope without Tessa!” That made me smile!

Tonight I went and watch England being beaten by Romania 😦 at the Sports Club and also to see that cricketer! He’s not that nice at all and he looks like Robert G from a distance which isn’t good at all!! Hayley’s found out he’s called Paul and lives up Mowley Common Lane. That’s near my house so I hope Hayley’s not going to be round here at every possible opportunity now!


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