I hope Jake’s alright – 19th June 2000

Monday 19th Dad’s birthday!

Our year’s got study leave this week for our internal exams but I had to go into college today cos I had a Sports Studies one. It didn’t go very well at all!

Jake had an exam this morning for 3 hours but I saw him at lunch. I think he was being a bit quieter than usual but then that’s understandable cos it was his mum’s funeral this afternoon. He didn’t say anything about it so if it wasn’t for other people, I wouldn’t have known about it at all.

Ed mentioned it to me today. He just told me he knew about it and said, “Oh, I’d have thought you were going” to me when I told him I didn’t really know much about it. Hayley was the one who provided me with the information though cos she’s seen a notice thing in Friday’s Warrington Guardian paper. She said it had said the funeral was at a crematorium at 3:30pm and then everyone way gathering at a hotel afterwards.

I didn’t see much of Gethin today but he rang me after college. I was still there with Hayley and Sarah and I basically said everything I’d wanted to say yesterday! He went all quiet on the other end of the phone and kept apologising and saying that I’m the last person he wants to fall out with. That made me feel guilty when I’d hung up but Sarah and Hayley said I had no reason to!

He phoned me later this evening too. This time is was just back to normal, having a good gossip about everything! That’s good I suppose cos I didn’t really want to fall out with him long-term.

Hayley’s just phoned too. She mentioned that the woman who runs the stables Georgia works at came back from the funeral saying that it was really sad. I hope Jake’s alright. I’ve not had a message or anything from him all day (fair enough) so I don’t know. But then he didn’t even tell me it was her funeral today.

I don’t think Miranda went cos he was still in school at 3:20 and Freda said she’d been asking why Jake was in college when the rest of them weren’t (Robbie and Clara, I think she meant).

I’ve just had an anonymous call to my mobile. I answered it thinking it might be Hugo but all I could hear was crackling and beeping like someone was trying to dial. Strange!


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