I’m going to fail so badly! – 15th June 2000

Thursday 15th Sarah and I went to the Trafford Centre again after Geography today. Our excuse was that it was “therapy” because we’ve been stressing about the next 2 exams that we’re going to fail tomorrow!

I was really looking for a dress for Alex’s party on Saturday but I couldn’t find one I liked so I ended up with another top from Bay. I also bought a Dingly Dangly Cow from S F Cody’s cos it’s really cute! It’s a baby’s toy really I think but I’m not bothered!

We saw Andy and his mate in HMV! We think they saw us cos they looked up when I pointed at them. I don’t think we’ll be telling Hayley cos she’d probably cry!

We also saw Ralph briefly. He just said hi.

Since I got home, I’ve been really worrying about these module exams tomorrow. Exams don’t normally bother me at all though. I just can’t take anything in and when I go back to look at it later, I’ve forgotten it all! I’m going to fail so badly!

Just to make my concentration levels decrease even more in the Geography exam tomorrow, Jake’s going to be in there too! I’ve totally had it! I might as well just not bother turning up!!


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