That sounds really big-headed – 24th May 2000

Wednesday 24th Grandma S’s birthday!

Jake came in about lunchtime because he had to bring his brother to his German GCSE exam. I had 4th lesson off because there was some exam in the computer rooms so I couldn’t do CLAIT [some sort of IT lesson] and then we had to deliver leaflets for Mrs L around the new housing estate at last lesson. Jake drove me and Hayley there and helped us.

We found a house called ‘Taylor House’ or something which is up for sale with a ‘Taylor Estates’ sign outside it! We got to see Hayley’s man that she’s been stalking. He’s a bit chunky but not bad looking. He was playing volleyball with his dad and the ball rolled to my feet so I kicked it back and he said, “Cheers!” Jake said he wanted to hold my hand when we walked past him cos he’d probably fancy me! 🙂

Actually, Jake irritated me quite a bit when we got back to college. We were drawing and colouring stuff for the nursery school and I was getting bored and was doing it quickly and therefore not very well. I drew a leaf and coloured the stalk green cos I wasn’t concentrating and Jake moaned that it should’ve been brown so I told him to colour it in if he was so bothered. He then told me that the leaf I’d drawn was crap! I’d love to show him some of the stuff I’d done for GCSE Art or just at home cos it is pretty good! Sorry, that sounds really big-headed but I bet he can’t draw realistic looking people!!

Mind you, if that’s the only thing that’s annoyed me about him so far, we must be doing well!


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