We started flashing our underwear – 20th May 2000

Saturday 20th We all thought last night was going to be really crap but it turned out to be quite good!

Jake’s dad dropped him, Gethin and Hayley off at my house (Sarah was already here) and we just sat about for a while, waiting for a bus to take us to The Dog. I let Jake in my bedroom while I looked for something, even though it’s a complete tip! He said he thought his room was bad until he saw mine! Thanks!! I just had to keep explaining that it’s only a mess cos I’ve not had time to tidy it recently!

We snogged on the landing outside my bedroom door before going back downstairs to get the bus.

I showed them some little drawing my dad had done of someone stabbing the little cartoon taxman on some leaflet which they found amusing. We were then talking about names. Jake said that if he’d been a girl he’d have been called Abby and I told him I was nearly called Clara. They’re our sister’s names! Then we discovered that the 19th June is Jake’s mum’s birthday and it’s my dad’s birthday too! We’ve decided we were destined for each other!

When we arrived at The Dog it was really busy and we were greeted with a hug off Matt Carrera! We sent Jake off to get drinks and we found a seat. When he came back, he told me that Matt had said I’m “a bit of a piece” and that he used to fancy me at primary school! That’s odd cos I went through a stage of fancying him at primary school too when I used to walk round to school with him, Zoe and Megan Quinn!

There was a point when we started flashing our underwear at each other! Jake had Tommy Hilfiger undies on!

We had a good long conversation with each other about stuff. I mentioned about going to Huddersfield and asked him what he thought about us going to the same place. He likes the idea and told me that quite a few of the couples in his year are going to the same universities. He then started telling me that you’re allowed mixed quarters there!

He told me that he was going to do photography and also looked at the environment courses or something but has now definitely decided on architecture.

Skiing and Canada came up again as usual. He’s only actually been skiing 3 times before. I thought he’d been more than that. He said that he only decided to go to Canada because there was no reason for him to stay here but he doesn’t want to go as much now cos of me. He said if we’d have got together earlier he might only have gone for 7 weeks or not at all.

Then we started talking about how long we’d liked each other for. I said I’d liked him since the October LA Bowl trip but, in actual fact, I’ve only liked him on and off since then. He said he liked me before that trip but didn’t say when.

Lara Beale then got into the conversation. I think he said she’s the only other proper girlfriend he’s had but I’m not sure. He was telling me that it was totally different between them than it is between us because he only really fancied her. He said he was never this soppy with her!

He said he’s never been in love before, until me! He also told me that he doesn’t ever want to split up and he can’t ever see himself with anyone other than me. I told him the same thing cos, at the moment, it’s perfectly true! I’m pretty sure I do love him now! I don’t think I could possibly like him any more than I do now!

We ended up walking back to Hayley’s village to walk her home but I didn’t mind. We stopped off at my house to get Hayley a pair of trainers and a jumper and Jake my blue Fila fleece. It looked really nice on him! He kept telling me it was really nice because it smelled of me.


Jake robbing my Fila fleece.

The other 3 got quite far ahead cos Jake and I kept stopping to kiss. We stopped on Crow Bridge and then by the railings on the corner before Crofters Lane. While we were kissing there, we could hear some bird or something squeaking in the field so we used that as an excuse to go through the path in the trees to find out what it was! [It’ll have been an oystercatcher.] We stopped in the field on the other side of the little bridge and kissed and hugged for ages.

He said he didn’t understand why I liked him and told me that he’s not sure why he first started liking me and said he only really noticed what a nice figure I had and how nice looking I was when he started going out with me. I’m not sure whether to be flattered about that or not! I think he meant it in a nice way!

I kept getting phone calls off Sarah telling us to hurry up (when in actual fact she wanted us to take our time so she could get longer with Gethin!) cos Hayley wanted to get home.

The next place we stopped was by the layby outside school. I had really cold hands so I put them up his shirt to keep them warm. I’ve discovered he’s very ticklish!

We met Sarah and Gethin by the bench outside school on the corner near Wythenshaw Lane. By then I had my hands down the front of his trousers but only at the top (not near anything!) to stop him complaining I was tickling him! Unfortunately, the taxi was quick to arrive. We sat in the back and Sarah sat in the front so we could hold hands. He ended up resting my hand near the top of his leg but, of course, on the outside of his clothes!

When I got in the house after saying goodbye to Jake, Sarah told me she’d snogged Gethin so was pleased we’d been taking our time walking towards them. Then Abby got in from her night out in town. She’s deliriously happy because Chris T from kickboxing was there and she snogged him and he’s given her his phone number and said to ring him at 2:00pm on Monday! He lives on Pig Lane in Woolston.

I got some nice messages off Jake when I got in bed. He sent the first one saying it’s been a good night so I sent him one agreeing and saying at least we got to be alone for a bit and he said, “I KNOW! BUT WITHOUT THE NETTLES! OH AND COLD HANDS! I KNOW I SAY THIS EVERY WEEK BUT I WANT YOU IN MY BED NOW!! P.S. YOU’RE NOT GETTING THIS FLEECE BACK! LOVE xJx”.


I asked what he was planning to do instead of sleeping and he replied, “OH THIS AND THAT! : ) I WANT TO BE WITH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO HOLD YOU AND TOUCH YOU ALL THE TIME! KEEPING WARM IS ONE OF THE MANY BENEFITS : ) xJx”.

This morning, I woke up to find my phone in my hand with a half written message to Jake on the screen! I must have fallen asleep mid-message! I sent him a message telling him that and asking how he was and if I’ll get my fleece back. He replied, “AAH YOU’RE SO CUTE! I’M FINE! : ) IN FACT I’M MORE THAN FINE – I’M REALLY HAPPY! : ) THIS WEEK’S BEEN REALLY GOOD – WE’VE SEEN A LOT OF EACH OTHER! I’LL THINK ABOUT IT! xJx”. I think he means he’ll think about giving me my fleece back!

I’ve remembered other stuff about last night. He kept making really happy sort of sighing noises whenever we were on our own or kissing and he kept putting his finger on my nose every time I put my hands on his back or said something cheeky and stuff. Oh God, he’s so nice!!

The other weird coincidence was that Jake and I used to ride the same horse at the riding stables. It was called Taffy. I did it when I was at primary school though but he did at high school.


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