We could tell he was pissed – 19th May 2000

Friday 19th All the Year 11s and College 2s left officially today so we stole the comfy chairs out of their downstairs common room and put them in ours!

I really don’t want Jake to leave college cos I’ve got so used to seeing him every day and I won’t anymore. I saw him this morning (he was wearing that lovely pink shirt that he won’t admit is pink!) but he went to The Coach and Horses with all his mates in the afternoon (fair enough) but then he came back towards the end of the day cos he had to get the school bus home cos he’d not brought his car cos he knew he’d be drinking!

He just came and sat in our room with us for a bit but we could tell he was pissed cos he couldn’t quite sit up straight and had to keep leaning on me! He also let me paint his nails again! He said he likes me doing it but he just doesn’t like the after effects!

He said he’s still got the present that Hayley and I gave him yesterday hanging in his car. He said his dad’s seem it and thought it was good but he didn’t tell him what each part represented. He told his sister though and she thought it was cool! Hmmm!

When the bell went for the end of school, he wouldn’t go! He just hung on to me saying “kiss” until I gave him one! I got up to get my bag and he hung on to my waist and cuddled me from behind and just said, “Love you”. He’s sooo sweet!

We’ve arranged to go to The Dog tonight so I’ll write about that tomorrow.


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