A good base for bad rumours – 15th May 2000

Monday 15th I got a few nice message off the gorgeous Jake in the night. I’d sent him one asking what he’d meant in an earlier message when he said we’d got our dark alley or something. His reply was, “I MEANT INSTEAD OF OUR DARK COUNTRY LANE! IT MADE UP FOR LAST FRI! WHY ARE YOU SO IRRESISTIBLE?! IT CAN’T BE GOOD FOR ME! LOVE YOU LOTS!! JAKE : ) xxxxx”.

I then reminded him that he was planning on getting rid of his sweet and innocent image! I also pointed out that this all must be good for him cos it’s not exactly bad at the moment. He then said, “NAH! I THINK THE SWEET + INNOCENT ME CAN STAY FOR A WHILE! IT ISN’T DOING BADLY, IS IT?! I MEANT MY BRAIN ISN’T FUNCTIONING PROPERLY – IT ONLY THINKS ABOUT YOU! xJx”. He sent me that message at exactly midnight!

I sent him one last message saying goodnight and explaining that I didn’t have enough credit to send any others. His last message to me was lovely! It said, “: ( WISH YOU COULD REVERSE THE CHARGES ON MESSAGES! IT’LL GIVE ME TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOU EVEN MORE! : ) YOU’RE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME + I LOVE YOU x”.

Jake came to college today wearing his pink shirt and shorts, oh, and his sunglasses that match his car! Guess what… everything but the glasses was Quiksilver!

Apparently when Gethin was on the phone to Sarah last night, he said he thinks “our Tess is getting it”! Great, that’s a good base for bad rumours to start from!

I tried to point out Sarah to Robbie today but he was either avoiding making eye contact or she ran off! I gave a photo to Jake to show him but when he showed Robbie he said he only goes for blondes or something!


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