We’d both lost our sense of balance slightly! – 13th May 2000

Saturday 13th I woke up early this morning (but went back to sleep again, of course!) and discovered Jake had sent me a message at about 1:30am when I was asleep. He said, “HELLO! MY BROTHER’S 16! I’M IN A BIT OF PAIN – I KINDA GOT INVOLVED IN A FIGHT! : ( I’VE GOT A VERY SORE JAW! I WON’T BE GOING BACK TO SMITH’S IN A HURRY! LOVE xJx”.

I felt awful about it but I couldn’t stop giggling! I just can’t imagine him fighting with anyone! (He told me his brother’s age because Sarah quite likes him! His birthday is on 13th October, I think.) I sent him a message later on today asking him exactly what had happened. He told me, “LAST TIME I WENT WITH MASON AND MARC THIS LAD STARTED ON MASON AND I SPLIT THEM UP! HE SAW ME LAST NIGHT AND STARTED ON ME IN THE TOILETS! HE HIT CHARLIE WILSON TOO! xJx”.

I sent him a message back asking if Charlie was okay and admitting that I’d initially found it rather amusing! He then said, “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!! : ) HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT? CHARLIE IS OK – GOT HIT IN THE EYE! I’VE LOST PART OF MY BACK TOOTH AND CAN’T EAT PROPERLY! NEARLY BROKE MY NOSE TOO!…..” and then, “I MEAN, THIS GUY WAS ABOUT 6FT 2 FOR GOD’S SAKE! I SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT PUTTING ICE ON MY JAW! IT WAS A SHIT NIGHT! NEVER GOING AGAIN! LOTS OF LOVE J xxxxx : )”.

I apologised for having laughed about it and asked if he was (pretty much) okay. He said, “I’M OK! IT JUST TOPS OFF A SHIT WEEK! WHAT DID YOU GET UP TO LAST NIGHT? I HATE GOING TO SMITH’S ANYWAY – IT’S FULL OF SCALLIES! AND IT AIN’T MUCH FUN DANCING ALONE! xJx”.

I’ve spent most of today attempting Biology revision and comforting Hayley over the phone because Andy’s dumped her – again!! I told Jake about it and he said, “OH DEAR! JUST WHEN EVERYTHING SEEMED TO BE GOING OK! I’M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF YOU! AND A GOOD NIGHT!! LOTS OF LOVE!! JAKE xxxxx : ) xxxxx”.

Hayley invited me, Sarah and Gethin round to her house tonight so when Sarah came here first I tried to put her of Gethin! It’s working a bit because Robbie Taylor is beginning to replace him in her affections! The problem is that Robbie isn’t sure who she is so Jake told me to scan a photo of her and e-mail it to him so he can show Robbie. Jake’s e-mail address is: Jake.Taylor@virgin.net and Sarah’s e-mail address is: Sarah.L@virgin.net for future reference.

When we were all at Hayley’s we were being sad and watching (and marking!) the Eurovision Song Contest! I discovered Jake wasn’t working late so Hayley said he could come round. When he arrived, we sent him straight off to the village shop to get us some alcohol. It’s so handy having him being 18!!

[The UK’s aptly named Eurovision entry that year. You’re welcome.]

As usual, once Jake had had a bit to drink, he went all cuddly and kept trying to kiss me, only I wouldn’t let him cos every time he went all soppy, Hayley started filling up and I couldn’t be bothered with her crying!

When Hayley’s parents got home, Jake, Sarah and I walked Gethin home cos I wanted to see where he lived. He took us down some back alley thing and Jake and I stayed down there for quite a while. All we did was kiss but Gethin assumed we were doing more, especially when I had my back to a fence. We had to lean on something cos we’d both lost our sense of balance slightly!

Gethin was making me really paranoid cos I kept expecting him to be watching us so I kept looking to see if he was around. Every time I did that, Jake put his hand over my eyes or something and kept kissing me. Every so often he gave me a really tight hug too, the kind that you need sometimes. It was so nice!

When he ordered a taxi, we went and sat on the curb instead and carried on kissing. I didn’t want to stop but the taxi arrived.

We sent a few messages to each other when we got home. I told him that Gethin was likely to start spreading rumours about what we’d been doing up against a fence but he said, “I’M NOT REALLY BOTHERED! WE KNOW WHAT’S TRUE AND WHAT’S NOT! I WISH PARENTS ONLY EXISTED IN THE DAY! I HATE LEAVING YOU! LOVE YOU! (LOTS n LOTS n LOTS n LOTS!) J xxxxx”.

I then told him that it was unlikely people would believe us if we denied stuff and he said, “WELL! WE WILL SEE! BUT THE TRUTH WAS FUN?! WASN’T IT!! ONLY ANOTHER YEAR AT HOME!! THEN WE CAN STAY WITH EACH OTHER ALL OF THE TIME! : ) LOVE xJx”. I hope we’re still together this time next year and longer!


He’s got me!


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