No money = no town – 11th May 2000

Thursday 11th I saw Jake for all of about 20 minutes overall today. I had a Geography exam over break (that went badly – I must have failed! It’s only a mock though) so I didn’t see him then but at lunch he disappeared off to McDonald’s until about 1:00. It was so nice of him to let me know he was going! (That was a sarcastic comment, by the way!) I then saw him for about 5 minutes after college before he took his sister to the stables. I’ve hardly seem him at all this week really.

Went round to Floyd’s this evening. Jake was working so he couldn’t go (as usual!) so I was a bit fed up. Then Gethin and Lizzie went upstairs so Sarah got a bit upset so we decided to leave. Floyd’s brother was wanting Gethin and Lizzie out of his room but didn’t want to interrupt so I did it for him. They weren’t actually doing anything when I went in.

Sarah and I walked back to mine. Just as we were about to go past the housing estate, I turned round to see a figure running at us out of the darkness! It was only bloody Gethin but he didn’t half scare us!! He just apologised for upsetting anyone and told us we are 2 of his best mates.

I sent Jake a message saying that Hayley’s trying to get me to go to LA Bowl tomorrow night but that I don’t want to go cos I’d end up being stuck with Andy’s mates which wouldn’t be good. I also mentioned the Gethin and Lizzie thing. He replied, “NO! THAT DEFINITELY WOULDN’T BE GOOD! : ( SO SARAH’S PISSED OFF THEN?! WHY DON’T YOU BOTH COME TO TOWN TMW? YOU’RE INVITED! LOVE xJx”.

I haven’t got any money so I can’t really go and there’s also always the risk of being asked for ID. I wouldn’t want to stop Jake having fun if I got chucked out of anywhere. I just told him no money = no town though! He then said, “OK! I’VE JUST REMEMBERED! CHECK IF YOU’RE FREE ON THE 17TH OF JUNE COS WE’VE BEEN INVITED TO ALEX’S 18TH! IF YOU ARE, START SAVING NOW! IT’LL BE A GOOD ONE! xJx”.

We’ll see! I suppose at least he’s asked me now. I really shouldn’t complain about him, should I?!


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