He said I’d fall in love with Hudderfield – 10th May 2000

Wednesday 10th I went to Huddersfield University open day today. I really like it there! I can just see myself being there! It’s good cos it’s a direct train there from Warrington which only takes about an hour and then the uni’s only a 10 minute walk from the station. It’s got a nice town centre (with McDonald’s!!) and the uni’s got canals and bridges and stuff going through it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get chance to see the accommodation but the rest I like.

Floyd, Sarah and Lizzie came with me. We went in a Physiotherapy and Podiatry lecture and they told us they don’t expect as much experience cos they know it’s harder to get some now due to the popularity of the course. I need a back up plan just in case I can’t do it.

Jake told me the accommodation’s nice in a text message. He was on about Storthes Hall which is 4 miles away though.

I saw Gethin’s older sister who I know but she didn’t see me. She just walked past the window of McDonald’s at lunch.

We got back home earlier than we expected so I did get to see Jake after all. He was wearing shorts.

Hayley rang me later and told me stuff. Apparently, Brian told her that Gethin used to really fancy me about 6 months ago, Jake has showed her some of the messages I’ve sent him and she also told me he said I’d fall in love with Hudderfield cos he did. He is also meant to have said he can see why Gethin fancied me or something. This all came from Hayley so it’s hard to know how true it all is!

Jake did show her messages. I texted him about it and he said it was just his favourite ones that he showed. One was the one when I put that I couldn’t fit how much I loved him into a text message or whatever!


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