It’s difficult controlling myself around him – 7th May 2000

Sunday 7th I got some nice messages off Jake last night. I sent him a message saying that Hayley had a lovebite and that it’s difficult controlling myself around him. He said, “TELL ME ABOUT IT! (NOT THE LOVE BITE! – THE CONTROLLING YOURSELF BIT!) I’VE GOT A THRESHOLD OF ABOUT 2 MINS BEFORE I WANT TO DIVE ON YOU! : ) LOVE YOU! xxxxx”.

I then said something about it being scary cos I never thought I’d get like this over someone and he said, “YOU KNOW WHAT! – BEFORE YOU I DIDN’T WANT A GIRLFRIEND – I JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN AND BE SINGLE! NOT ANY MORE! I THOUGHT I KNEW WHAT LOVE WAS TOO! – I DIDN’T! xJx”.

Honestly, it’s sweet but some of the things he comes out with sometimes sound like they’ve come out of a soap opera script! Maybe they have!!

The last nice message came after I told him I did love him but I was falling asleep so I’d best say goodnight! He sent one then saying, “HAH LIGHTWEIGHT! YOU’RE LOSING YOUR NOCTERNALNESS! NIGHT NIGHT! WORDS CAN’T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!! LOTS n LOTS n LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xxx : ) xxx”.

I got a message this morning from Jake. It said, “OH MY GOD! I’VE JUST BEEN WATCHING THE NEWS AND A GIRL WAS BADLY HURT WHEN SHE FELL OFF ONE OF THE RIDES AT KNUTSFORD! APPARENTLY IT WASN’T SAFE! : ( xJx”. I hope she’s okay. That’s quite scary actually. He then sent another with the name of the ride. It turned out to be the one we chickened out of going on!

It was the Swing Band concert at Formby Hall in Atherton this evening. It went really well, I think. Everyone expects us to be some crappy little school band and they’re then shocked when they hear us play cos we’re so good!

Bolton Wanderers are through to the first division play offs. I’m quite pleased about that! I wish Dad would take us to see them again.


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