“Don’t I get a kiss goodbye?!” – 4th May 2000

Thursday 4th I had some text processing exam this morning. I missed out on the mock yesterday cos I was being sick but it seemed straightforward enough.

Jake’s so sweet! After college, his sister came to find him so he could take her to the stables so we both walked out of college together. We said goodbye quickly and I walked off, thinking he’d gone in the opposite direction with his sister. I hadn’t kissed him cos she’d been there cos he hadn’t wanted to last time we were around her. When I got to the photocopier in the library, I turned round and Jake was stood there and he said, “Don’t I get a kiss goodbye?!” I felt awful (so I gave him one)! He must have left his sister and followed me instead! 🙂

I remembered something from Monday before. When we were driving through Knutsford, I noticed that it was quite busy so I said, “Why are there so many cars about?” and Jake replied, “It’s May Day, dear!” That made Gethin and Hayley laugh (and me too) and they started going on about how he sounded like we were married! Hope so one day!!


P.S. When I was in the library, I was photocopying something Floyd drew. It’s of his island that he’s going to buy when he’s rich. He says we can all live on it too so has given us areas. I’ve labelled it in pencil:

(It’s called New Cheshire!)

New Cheshire map

Sad, I know!! We were bored, okay?!

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