Cuddly and huggable – 28th April 2000

Friday 28th I had some more nice messages in the night off Jake. He sent me one saying he can’t sleep when he’s with me so I told him that there are plenty of other things to do instead of sleeping! He then said, “WELL, IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT THEN YOU’RE RIGHT! BUT YOU’RE SO CUTE WHEN YOU’RE ASLEEP! : ) CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! LOVE YOU LOTS N LOTS N LOTS TOO xxxxx : ) xxxxx”.

I told him that I couldn’t stop smiling after getting that message and then put something soppy like, “I can’t fit how much I love you into this message!” His reaction was, “NOW I CAN’T STOP SMILING! : ) THAT WAS REALLY SWEET!! YEH YOU DID SLEEP AT CLAIRE’S BUT ONLY FOR ABOUT 10 MINS! YOU’RE SO CUDDLY AND HUGGABLE : ) I’M SO LUCKY!!! LOVE YOU xxxxx”. I could’ve taken offence to being called cuddly and huggable but instead, it just made me cringe!

I then told him that I hadn’t bought Sarah a birthday present yet and I got, “YOU HAVEN’T GOT HER A PRESENT YET? OOOHH IF ONLY SHE KNOW! NIGHT NIGHT! SWEET DREAMS! LOVE YOU!!! xxxxx : ) xxxxx”.

With it being Sarah’s birthday today, her parents took me, Hayley, Floyd and Gethin out to the Chinese near school this evening. It was really nice actually, although I ate way too much! Afterwards, they dropped us off at The Dog with Jake. I think he was a bit pissed already because he’d be in The Plough with a few of his mates.

It was actually okay in The Dog with a big group of us. Jake let me paint his nails (he must have been drunk!) with nail varnish I found in my bag and he told me he loves me again but only cos I said I didn’t mind of he wanted Gethin!!

Sarah got what she wanted off Gethin for her birthday – plenty of snogs!

Floyd’s dad dropped us all in his village afterwards and we just stood outside the vets. Hugo Pratt phoned and I was talking to him for ages which pissed Jake off a bit! Hayley’d spoken to Hugo earlier and she told me that he said Jake had been going on to him about how much he wanted to sleep with me. I’m going to ignore that cos Hugo has the tendency to lie about stuff. He wants me to set him up with my sister and he told me I was nice to talk to as well!

Hayley and Sarah went back to Hayley’s to wait for the taxi and Jake and I went round the side of the vets to try and shelter from the rain. We just kissed for ages. He had dead cold hands and kept putting them on my back so I did the same to him! When I started shivering, we decided to go to Hayley’s. We’d been asked round to Emma’s and he was trying to persuade me to go but Sarah’s staying over at mine.

I got quite upset when I was at Hayley’s. I’d been going to the toilet loads all day and when I went at Hayley’s, there was loads of blood in it. When I went downstairs, I tried not to keep crying but Jake noticed there was something wrong and kept asking if I was okay. I told him I was fine and he just hugged me.

When I got home, I went to the toilet again and there was even more blood and it still hurt so I told Mum. She thinks I’ve got cystitis. I looked in the medical A-Z and I’ve got all the symptoms. Got to go to the doctor in the morning.


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