I must be like addicted to him or something! – 27th April 2000

Thursday 27th I had some nice messages off Jake between 12 midnight and 2:00 am in the night. I sent the 1st one saying that I couldn’t sleep due to my sister being in my room because she could hear a cow from her room. He sent one back saying, “OK! WHY IS THERE A COW OUTSIDE??? I WANT TO SEE YOU NOW!! I REALLY CAN’T WAIT! LOVE YOU LOADS! JAKE xxxxx : ) xxxxx”.

I explained that it was in a field across the river and not on the drive or anything! I also informed him that the party that Denny might have been having isn’t on and so we can’t even share a sofa together! His reply was, “SO WHY IS YOUR SIS IN YOUR ROOM? NO – NOT EVEN A SOFA! WHAT’S THE WORLD COMING TO? I’M GONNA HAVE TO KIDNAP YOU!! LOVE x J x”.

I told him that we could hear the cow from my room and then started moaning about not having seen him for a few days and told him that I’ve decided I must be like addicted to him or something! His next message said, “I KNOW! YOU’RE LIKE A DRUG (BUT AN AWFUL LOT BETTER LOOKING) I WISH WE WERE OLDER + DIDN’T HAVE TO LIVE WITH OUR PARENTS! DOESN’T YOUR SIS MIND YOUR PHONE BEEPING? LOVE J x”.

I told him that I’d silenced my phone and that she was asleep anyway anyway. I told him I knew what he meant about the parent thing and said maybe one day. He replied, “YEH ONE DAY, HOPEFULLY!! DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS BUT I WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP NOW!! – GOT IT! YOU’RE PURE CAFFEINE IN A GIRL – TOTALLY ADDICTIVE AND KEEPS YOU AWAKE x”. I didn’t feel bad, I felt far from it after that message!

I sent him a last one saying goodnight basically (even though I wasn’t going to be able to sleep anyway!) and his last message said, “OK! NIGHT! LOVE YOU FOREVER! JAKE xxxxx : ) xxxxx UUUHH, WANT YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!”.

I went to Hayley’s village today to meet up with her, Sarah, Gethin, Floyd and Isaac. We were at Isaac’s most of the time looking at his Sim City computer game thing (or whatever it’s called). We did take a walk around the new housing estate at one point cos Hayley fancies someone who lives there and wanted to see if she could see him. She didn’t but we saw Riley Howarth. He’s one extremely fit lad but in the year below us! I much prefer Jake though!!


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