I had visions of Gethin conga-ing in – 24th & 25th April 2000

Monday 24th – Tuesday 25th I went to Brian’s tonight with Hayley but there was hardly anyone there when we arrived so we left again and went for a walk to the shop to get food and a bottle of Sprite for Floyd. When we got back to Brian’s, everyone had moved in from the garden and up to Brian’s room. It was then I got told that nobody could stop over because Brian had to go to work in the morning. Not only that but we had to be gone by midnight so I wouldn’t be able to see Jake. To say I was pissed off would’ve been a major understatement!

Brian’s was extremely boring so Gethin and Keira Osborne left and went to Claire’s little gathering. A while later, Sarah received a message from Gethin saying she, Hayley, Jake and I were invited and it was on all night so we could stop there if we wanted.

Just before we’d been invited to that, I’d sent Jake a message telling him the bad news about Brian’s and he sent me one back saying, “FUCK!! EXCUSE THE FRENCH! WHAT AM I GOING TO TELL MY PARENTS? – I HAVEN’T GOT MY KEYS EITHER! NEED TO SEE YOU! LOOKS LIKE I’M SLEEPING IN THE CAR AGAIN THEN! LOVE YOU! x” so I thought he’d be pleased to hear that we could go to Claire’s! He was!

We made an excuse that Hayley wasn’t well and Sarah and I were staying over at her house so that Brian wouldn’t get offended at us leaving early. I thought there’d be a lot of people at Claire’s but there was only Gethin, Keira, Maisie Jones, Kyla Hague, Marty Wallace and his boyfriend Adi so it was quite good.

Kyla kept telling me how lucky I was to be going out with Jake and Gethin kept telling me dead seriously how I was a top mate and how it was really good how even though I’ve got a really nice boyfriend, I don’t go on about it all the time. It was really nice to hear that from him.

Sarah was kept happy because Gethin snogged her twice and Hayley was kept happy because Andy wanted to speak to her and did!

Jake arrived at 12:15 am which was quite a bit earlier than I thought he’d be there. He said he was really tired after work and stuff so, while Adi and Gethin were looking up someone having sex with a chicken on the internet, Claire give Jake a bed. I went in to talk to him but didn’t get in bed too even though he wanted me too because I was kind of testing myself to see if I could resist temptation!

It turns out I can’t!

I wasn’t in there long when Gethin wandered in and I was made to go downstairs while he had “a word” with Jake. He then came and got me and shut me in the bathroom with him while he had “a word” with me too. He said he’d said the same thing to Jake but I don’t know what he was saying to me either cos I was annoyed with him for interfering so I forced myself not to listen!

All I took in from what he said was that Jake was confused as to why I’d been trying to make him drink. It was just cos we were pissed and he was sober so I was trying to get him drunk so he wouldn’t notice if we made fools of ourselves! Then Gethin was asking if I’d had sex with Jake yet and then if I wanted to.

I stormed back upstairs cos I was so annoyed with Gethin and asked Jake what he’d said to him. When he wouldn’t tell me, I got up to leave but he grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed and made me feel sorry for him so I ended up staying. That’s where I stayed for the rest of the night except when I went downstairs for hot dogs and when I went to see if Gethin was okay cos he’d had a nasty message off Cat Elliot accusing him of splitting up the group or something. Oh yeah, I also went down to get a drink of water and caught Marty and Adi snogging in the kitchen.

Jake and I stayed in bed while everyone else was downstairs watching Queer As Folk all night. We started off just kissing but then he told me to take my top off but I flatly refused cos I had visions of Gethin conga-ing in with everyone else! We got to 3. We didn’t do much after that cos we kept hearing people coming up the stairs. We either kissed or he lay there just looking at me or talked about stuff. The university and Canada things came up again. He said that if we split up, he wouldn’t be the one to end it.

In the early hours of the morning, we got joined by Claire’s monster, fluffy, ginger cat. It’s so nice! It just lay there when Jake rested his legs on it. Jake didn’t like it at first but was then being really cute with it when he realised how docile it was!

I didn’t want to get out of bed but Mum phoned me to see where I was, tell me the hare had died, and that she and Abby were going shopping. Jake took me home at about 11:00 am.


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