It wasn’t just torture for him, believe me!! – 21st-23rd April 2000

Friday 21st Nobody knew what we could do tonight because none of us have any money or had a free house so me, Hayley, Sarah, Gethin, Floyd and Jake all agreed to meet in Hayley’s village and decide where to go from there.

Gethin knows this Year 11 girl called Claire because he was at a party of hers last night. He phoned her to see if we could go round and she let us because her parents are away. We didn’t do much when we got there except watch MTV and play that sad little alphabet game where you have to think of something (e.g. a girl’s name) for each letter. We were bored, okay?!

Later on, the Claire girl was sick (too much vodka!) so we decided to leave. Gethin did his nurse thing again and stayed to look after her! Jake took Sarah home then dropped me off at The Green Dragon. We kissed for a bit and he told me that it’d been torture for him when we were sat at Claire’s and couldn’t do anything with each other! It wasn’t just torture for him, believe me!!

During the day today, I was bored and watching Total Request on MTV and someone’s message that scrolled across the bottom of the screen included, “A pessimist is a well-informed optimist!” I just thought that was good!



Sunday 23rd Had more late night messages from Jake last night. I’d asked him if he was stopping over at Brian’s party thing tomorrow night and he said, “YEP I’M STAYING, NO I AIN’T GONNA SLEEP EITHER! DID YOU HEAR SARAH’S COMMENT ABOUT SLEEPING IN THE BATHROOM COS OF US?? : ) I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! LOVE J xxxxx”.

I sent a sarcastic one back saying we wouldn’t be doing anything to make her leave the room and his reply was, “MMMNN! I WOULDN’T BE SO SURE ABOUT THAT!! : ) SHE WILL JUST HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE HERSELF OR GET SOME EAR PLUGS!! LOVE YOU! : ) J x”.

I was at Hayley’s this evening and I got a message from Jake saying he’s got a late shift at work which he can’t change so he can’t get to Brian’s until about 1 am. I suppose it’s better than nothing but I’m still pretty disappointed cos I could’ve had a whole 12 hours with him.

Dad came back from walking the dog today with a baby hare (leverets they’re called, aren’t they?) because it was hobbling about in the middle of the field and could’ve been eaten by a fox or shredded by someone’s dog or something. We’ve put it in the old rabbit hutch for now so it should be fairly safe and we’ll probably get the RSPCA involved tomorrow.


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