Living off Kit Kats and bananas – 18th April 2000

Tuesday 18th I’ve had a fairly boring day today. Hayley was bored too so we met up in her village for a while this afternoon and were bored together.

I went to see my Grandma S tonight. She’s living off Kit Kats and bananas at the moment. Mum’s really worried about her and now I’m really worried about Mum cos she’s not getting much sleep now.

Jake’s out in Warrington tonight. I could’ve gone but he didn’t really give me much notice and a loads of my sister’s mates were going too. I’ve had some nice messages off him though, such as when I offered to leave him alone so he could get drunk. He said, “NO! DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE BEING WITHOUT YOU!! LOVE YOU LOADS xxxxx”. Then later I got, “HONESTLY I’M NOT DRUNK! OTHERWISE I WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TEXT YOU!! I NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE BUT YOU! : ) LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! xxxxx”. Aaahh, sweet!


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