Sleep never happened! – 16th & 17th April 2000

Sunday 16th to Monday 17th Last night was Denzel Chadwick’s (Denny’s) birthday party and it turned out to be quite good in the end.

Hayley bought a card before we went for me, her and Sarah to sign and she told me to ask Jake if he wanted us to put his name in it too. I sent him a message asking that and whether he thought I should wear my short black skirt or my blue one. He replied, “YEH PUT MY NAME IN IT PLEASE! AS AN EXPERT IN FEMALE FASHION, I’D FIRSTLY ASK… WHAT WILL YOU BE WEARING WITH IT? SECONDLY YOU WON’T BE WAITING FOR A TAXI…” and then, “SO THE DECISION IS A PURELY AESTHETIC ONE!! OH WHAT THE HELL!..… GO WITH THE LITTLE BLACK NUMBER! SEE YOU LATER! LOVE YOU LOADS : ) JAKE xxxxx”. That’s what I wanted to hear!

Denny lives in an old converted barn thing by the horse riding stables and it is so nice! When I arrived, everyone was saying how much they wanted to live there!

Jake arrived a bit later than me and looked drop dead gorgeous as always! I didn’t really see much of him at the start cos everyone was wandering round exploring the house but we got sat down together eventually. I kept wanted to get up and see what was going on elsewhere but he tried to make me stay by hanging on to my arm or something every time!

At one point, somebody told him I thought he was boring (which if I did say, I can’t remember and wouldn’t have meant it seriously anyway) and we had about 10 minutes of not talking to each other because he thought I’d said that and I was annoyed that he didn’t believe me that I wouldn’t have meant it but it didn’t take long for us to make up again!

The people who weren’t staying over all left by about 1:00 am and the rest of us claimed our places on the sofas or the floor ready to attempt going to sleep. Sleep never happened!

Jake and I shared the long sofa under his sleeping bag so we were fairly comfy. He had his arms round me all night even though he must have got uncomfortable. I gave him the option to move them but he kept saying he was okay. It was really nice and would’ve been better if the room hadn’t been full of other people.

We were kissing for pretty much most of the night and he did have his hand up my top at one point. I sat forward at one point to get some water and he had a go at undoing my bra but was unsuccessful so I did it for him. In the early hours of the morning, we got to 2/3 over pants but with no time for any effect cos Gethin started trying to drag the sleeping bag off us. Gethin sent Jake a message at about 5 am telling him to hurry up and shag me, basically. I saw it but pretended I didn’t and asked Jake what it said. As usual, he didn’t tell me!

As other people began to start moving around, I went tired and so did Jake. We just lay there and he cuddled me for ages and stroked my hair and kept kissing my face. He’s so sweet!

Eventually we had to get up too and Jake stood on the sofa, jumped off and twatted his head on the light on the ceiling! I think he was in pain but it was quite amusing for the rest of us! Then he couldn’t find his shirt and a shoe but did finally and got a lift home with Niall Cafferty. Sarah and I ordered a taxi but it was about an hour late so we just sat and talked about what had happened.

I’d had 3 matchmaking missions for the night:

  • Maeve Ackerley and Henry Rockwell
  • Lucy Jacobs and Brian Hobbs
  • Cat and Floyd

Cat eventually agreed to snog Floyd as long as he didn’t ask her out and he agreed and they got it together outside. Lucy and Brian left quite early but were apparently together for most of the night. Nothing happened with Henry and Maeve though.

Emma and I managed to get Hayley and some lad called Rich together by grabbing one each and throwing them into a corner.

Bridget Linehan and Chris Kelly-Banks were caught together in an upstairs room that was meant to be out of bounds and are now supposed to be going out with each other.

Nigel Groves asked Freda out, Emma snogged Niall and I think Lizzie snogged Gethin. Sarah will not be pleased about that last one.

James Douglas (a.k.a. Dougie) talks in his sleep. Just as everyone was settling down, we heard, “No!! Get away from me! No!!” The whole room was silent for a few seconds before everyone collapsed in fits of laughter when we realised he was asleep!

I managed to get some sleep when I got home and then when I woke up at about 4:00 pm, I got a message from Jake saying, “HI! SORRY IF I’VE WOKEN YOU! I’M STILL REALLY TIRED BUT I CAN’T SLEEP! I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU! I WANT TO WAKE UP LYING NEXT TO YOU! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! J xxx”. That was so nice to wake up to!

Hayley phoned me a while ago and told me that after Jake had been told I’d said he was boring, he’d grabbed hold of her and had asked really seriously if that’s what I thought. She told him I didn’t and that every time she speaks to me I go on about how fine he is but he just said to her, “Well I can be fine and boring, can’t I?!” I felt awful then so she sent him a message telling him that I didn’t think he’s boring and that I’m worried he thinks I think that.

Hayley phoned me again and said he’d sent her 2 back, the first one saying to tell me not to worry cos Gethin had told him and he’s hardly a reliable source of information and then he said he knows he’s more interesting when drunk! The 2nd one said, “BUT I REALLY ENJOYED LAST NIGHT/THIS MORNING – BUT I DON’T LIKE GETTING SO DRUNK I CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING! PLEASE TELL HER NOT TO WORRY – I LOVE HER SO MUCH : )”.

I thought that was really sweet how he admitted to someone else that he loves me! He’s not said it properly out of text messages though.


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