2 bottles of vodka – 7th April 2000

Friday 7th I had a slightly better day in college today, although Jake did keep running off to do his Tech work so I didn’t see as much of him as I would’ve liked.

Gethin, Isaac, Hayley, Sarah and I all went round to Floyd’s house tonight. His parents were in to begin with so we had to meet his dad who we’d been told was a complete psycho. He was alright though.

Jake came along later and Floyd’s parents opened the door to see him stood there with 2 bottles of vodka. We thought they’d go mental but they didn’t seem to mind. When they went out, more people turned up (like Ken and Freda) and we opened the vodka. I was just sat on the couch for most of the night, using the opportunity to question Jake.

We got onto the subject of university and he quite likes the idea if us going to the same one. Then we got onto Canada and I was asking him what he’s do if he found the love of his life out there but he said he’s already found her (he meant me!!! 🙂 ) and that he wouldn’t go off with anyone else because he’d feel too guilty. Glad to hear it! I then asked if he reckoned we’ll ever split up and he told me that if we do it’d be my fault because he’d never dump me!

Gethin kept sitting next to me and stuff and Jake kept saying he was getting jealous and then said something about getting Hayley pregnant so I pretended I was annoyed with him and he came over and wouldn’t let go of me and was lying all over me.

Eventually he got up and went to the toilet. I didn’t realise how pissed he was until I got told he was being sick. Gethin had to carry him downstairs and took him outside to wait for a taxi. I went too and was greeted by Andy and Stu and their mates. Apparently Stu’s got a dog called Tessa so his mates kept taking the piss and telling me to sit and stuff then Stu said I was much better looking than his dog! I’ll take that as a compliment!

Meanwhile, Gethin was dragging Jake round the road on his back before making him walk round a bit and say he loved me (which he did). He was sick again and then Floyd’s parents came back, saw the state of Jake and gave me, him and Sarah a lift home.

Floyd’s dad was being dead nice about it when I kept apologising for Jake, saying he’d been in that state before now himself so he couldn’t complain. Jake just lolled about clutching a sick bowl! It’s a good job I know where he lives cos he was in no fit state to give directions, he just kept grinning at me. I also had to let him in his house cos he couldn’t turn the key!

When we got back to mine, Sarah told me she’d snogged Gethin and was deliriously happy!


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