He was waiting for “that special moment” – 6th April 2000

Thursday 6th I’ve had a bit of a depressing day today. I saw Jake at break and he was being even quieter than usual but I didn’t really think anything of it then. At 3rd lesson, the whole college had an assembly for Mr S the IT teacher who died of cancer a day or so ago and, just before it when we were sitting down, I saw Jake go into Mr H’s office and then he went out of the room with a couple of people and didn’t came back for the assembly.

It was really sad actually, even though I didn’t really know Mr S very well. During it, I started thinking that maybe Jake hadn’t attended the assembly because of his mum as it might be upsetting but I didn’t know for sure.

At lunch, Hayley, Sarah and Floyd wanted to go to McDonald’s so we waited around to ask Jake to take us. It was only at 1:00 pm that I saw him walking back into college with Samantha B and Jenny S. He did come up but I went to the chippy pretty much straight away so I hardly saw him then. I thought it was odd that he hadn’t taken his car out with him and Hayley and Sarah agreed.

When we got back, Gethin said to me that he’d asked Jake if he’d told me he loves me yet and he said he was waiting for “that special moment” or something! Corny!! Mind you, this is only according to Gethin! He also asked if he did love me and apparently Jake sort of nodded.

At last lesson, Jake came in the common room and Vanessa Wood asked him if he was okay. As we were heading out to the garage, Samantha B did the same thing. We got back and he was still being strangely quiet. Gethin started asking him what was wrong and Jake said he was stressed about coursework and stuff. It was so obvious that that wasn’t all that was bothering him so I asked if he was okay myself. He said he’d tell me later cos there were loads of people about.

He then later dragged me out of the room and I’d guessed pretty much what he was going to say. He told me that the whole Mr S thing had put him in a weird mood cos he couldn’t face going to the assembly because his mum’s got cancer. I told him I knew and he said that he was sorry for worrying me and stuff and that he just went out at lunch with Samantha and Jenny because they’re the only ones that really know about it. I reassured him that it was okay and that I hadn’t really been worried and he put his arms out for a hug. I gave him one (and a kiss) of course and he was sat with his arm round my waist for quite a while.

Hayley told me earlier that, last night, she got another message from Jake saying he really, really likes me and doesn’t want to do anything to hurt me and asked if she’d tell him if there was anything wrong. Then today when I was out of the room he had a go at her about saying I was being neglected and that it was such a strong word or something, until she explained that I hadn’t been serious. When I came back in the room, he was trying to tell her to shut up, not realising that I knew about his message and he went all red when she carried on.

Went to Floyd’s tonight but it was boring so I came home quite early. I got a message from Jake when I was there asking if I wanted to go to Hugo Pratt’s tomorrow night. I asked if he was serious and he said, “I’M SERIOUS! HE SAID YOU COULD COME – WE USUALLY GO FOR A PIZZA THEN WATCH A MOVIE ON HIS POSH TV! AREN’T HAYLEY AND SARAH GOING TO LA BOWL? I WANNA BE WITH YOU! LOVE J xxxxx”. The Friday night plans have been changed already cos he’s working for a bit. We don’t know what to do now!


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