I couldn’t like him much more than I do now – 5th April 2000

Wednesday 5th I went to that university exhibition thing at the MEN Arena in Manchester today. A big group of us went but we had to get ourselves there because college didn’t bother to tell us until yesterday morning. We got a bus from school to the station and a train from there to Piccadilly.

When we arrived, I just wandered round getting prospectuses with Cat. It was okay until we headed for home and then we kept losing people and going for food at different times so we missed buses and trains so everyone ended up getting annoyed with each other!!

By this afternoon, I still hadn’t had any messages off Jake so I was whinging a bit. Hayley then decided to send him one telling him to send me one because I was feeling neglected but, as she was writing it, I got one anyway. He then sent her one asking why I was feeling neglected and if I was okay. Poor lad probably thought I was annoyed with him cos I’ve not seen much of him this week!

I’ve been looking through the uni stuff (it’s scary!) and Huddersfield do actually do Physiotherapy. I do wasn’t to go somewhere round that area, like Bradford or Leeds, but they want higher grades and Huddersfield don’t really. I sent Jake a message pointing out that he might get stuck with me for another few years and he said, “YEH THAT WOULD BE TOP! DON’T U THINK IT’S FUNNY HOW THINGS WORK OUT SOMETIMES?? LOVE YOU TOO (LOTS N LOTS) : ) xxxxx”. It’d only be good if we’re still together which, realistically, might not be the case. Hopefully it will be though!

As well as keeping telling me to sleep with Jake, Gethin also keeps asking me if I love him. I say it in messages but I really don’t know if I do or not. I can say that I couldn’t like him much more than I do now though!


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