They shook on it!  – 3rd April 2000

Monday 3rd Jake wasn’t in today because he had to finish his Physics coursework so I just had text conversations with him.

Gethin’s sent off the film from Brian’s at half term and it could contain dodgy photos of me and Jake so I warned Jake of this and he pointed out that he’ll probably have left college by the time they come back. I thanked him (sarcastically!) for making me face them on my own and also mentioned Hayley’s trip to Andy’s last night and he said, “NO – I’LL FACE THEM WITH YOU! GLAD HAYLEY’S HAPPY – DIDN’T HIS PARENTS NOTICE THAT HE BRINGS HOME A DIFFERENT GIRL EVERY WEEKEND? NO I’M ONLY JOKING!! LOVE J x”. I’d better delete that one before she sees it!

I remembered today that on Friday night, Jake’d been trying to get rid of Gethin by telling him to go and snog Sarah but Gethin said he’d only do that if Jake slept with me and he agreed and they shook on it! I told Sarah about that and she sent Jake a message asking if he could remember that and if he’d do it cos she wanted Gethin! He sent one back saying he vaguely remembered but asked her to explain so she did and he sent another saying she’d have to check with me but it would be fine with him but he wouldn’t do it because of Sarah!

After college when he came back to hand in his coursework, I acted all confused and asked what the message had been about to see if he’d tell me. He wouldn’t. He kept getting out of telling me by saying he couldn’t remember and to ask Sarah tomorrow what it was about. He did know cos she told him. He’d just gone all shy again!


P.S. Ivor Ward smiled and mouthed “hiya” at me this morning!

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