I have been planning to get Jake properly pissed – 31st March 2000

Friday 31st Sarah, Floyd and Jake came here tonight for a while. Floyd said we’ve got a nice house! We intended to go to Floyd’s later but his parents decided to stay in so we ended up at Emma’s. Gethin and Keira were there too.

For a while, Sarah and I have been planning to get Jake properly pissed because people keep telling me stories about him when he’s drunk and I’ve never seen him like that. Plus it’d give me a chance to ask questions that I wouldn’t normally ask. So, Sarah challenged him to a vodka drinking contest and he accepted it! It worked too!

We had to get out of Emma’s house in the end cos her parents were due back so we all headed for Floyd’s village. I was messing with Jake’s phone and came across Mr R’s (an Art teacher) number. There was also another staff number (from the Art trip) which he said was Miss T’s (a Tech teacher) who he reckons is fit. (She’s short and round!)

I was a bit drunk too so I started winding him up by accusing him of having an affair with Mr R and saying I’d have to dump him. He was going all soppy and telling me not to. It took us ages to get down Crofters Lane cos I told him to go and stand in a field while I spoke to Hugo Pratt (he phoned) and he did so I had to go and get him. Then he stopped and kept kissing me so I couldn’t speak to Hugo so we hung up and snogged for ages.

As we were going past the school, Sarah got upset. It was just cos she was drunk and she started worrying that she was getting like her grandad (an alcoholic) and saying she was a hypocrite for moaning when other people got drunk. To cheer her up, we went to the chippy. I didn’t get anything. It was freezing cold outside so Jake and I just stood there and cuddled (and snogged)!

Everyone else went home after food but we didn’t want to just yet so we stood outside The Plough. I didn’t want to go in cos one of the barmaids knows me so I was being stubborn and stood outside. He headed inside but changed his mind and came back to me and put his cold hands on my back to try and make me go in. I did eventually.

We sat and talked for ages, mostly about Canada. He said he doesn’t want to go as much as he did when he booked it because of me and he said he’ll write every day. I asked him what if he finds the love of his life out there cos he could get away with anything. He assured me that he wouldn’t dream of going with [snogging] anyone else. Hmmm! He told me his 2 loves are me and skiing but I’m rated highest! 🙂

The barmaid made us leave eventually so we phoned a taxi and went and sat on a bench by the library. He told me I was pretty more than once and said I was sweet when I told him I really do like him and he also kept telling me I’m funny. I think it’s in a way that I don’t mean to be, he just finds some of the daft little things I say amusing!

As we were sat there, we saw Lara Beale. He called her a slag for some reason! I found out he went out with her for about 2 months and that she was his first girlfriend. Then he mentioned her being a nymphomaniac so I asked how he knew and if Hugo had really been lying. He assured me that Hugo was lying and that she used to just jump all over him all the time and stuff but that he never slept with her. I asked why not and he said that he would’ve done if she’d had her way but that he just hadn’t been ready.

Then I forced myself to ask the question that I’ve been dying to know the answer to for ages which was if he had ever slept with anyone. I got the answer I wanted which was no. I asked why not again and he told me he’d just not been ready and that he just hadn’t found the right person before. Good!

He phoned for a taxi eventually but it took ages so I said I might as well just walk home. I wasn’t being serious but he put his foot down and said he wouldn’t let me do that cos it’s dangerous! I then saw Matt Brand that lives a few doors down and said I should get in his taxi. Jake pointed out that there was no room so I said I’d just I’d have to sit on Matt’s knee! He said I could sit on his knee in our taxi and that I wasn’t getting in Matt’s cos he gets really easily jealous. Good!

When I got home, we sent each other messages for a while. There were some good ones from him. He commented on the bench that sometimes I seemed dead casual about us so I sent him one apologising. His reply was, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I KNOW YOU CARE ABOUT STUFF! I’M STILL SHIVERING – SHAME YOU’RE NOT HERE TO KEEP ME WARM!!! LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD – EVEN SKIING! xxx”.

I sent one back saying I wished I was there too and asked if he meant it about “even skiing” cos I’m not so sure! His reply was, “OK SLIGHT EXAGGERATION BUT YOU IN A SKI RESORT REALLY WOULD DO IT FOR ME! I WANT TO BE WITH YOU ALL THE TIME!! LOVE YOU FOREVER JAKE xxxxx : )”.

I asked him what exactly it would do for him and he said, “IT TURNS ME ON OF COURSE!! I’M SORRY, I’M GOING TO MISS U LOADS TOO : ( I FEEL SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! NIGHT NIGHT! LOVE YOU LOTS N LOTS! J xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. I’m not sure what he said sorry for.

He’s soooo nice!! I think he’s better when he’s pissed! Mind you, he still didn’t try anything.


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