Sad cow!! – 27th March 2000

Monday 27th Went to the Trafford Centre tonight with Mum, Abby and Sarah in search of a pair of jeans and a jacket for the summer. I only got jeans though from Gap.

Sarah and I went in French Connection and as soon as we walked in she told me to sniff. I did and I could smell Jake so we were smelling all the fragrances to see which one it was. It was a FCUK once but I don’t know which. I’ve sprayed it on my wrists and can’t stop sniffing it now. I’m not sure that’s what he wears but it smells like it. Mmm!

Hayley embarrassed me in front of Jake after college by telling him that every time we were talking about Andy on Saturday, I kept saying Canada instead of Germany. What really annoyed me though was when I mentioned Sarah wanting to come to Valkenburg with Swing Band if Emma’s parents won’t let her go (because of her tongue piercing), and Hayley started going on about how she doesn’t want Sarah to go because we’ll all come back and go on about it in front of her like we always do cos she can’t go.

Bollocks! That is so selfish! If she was going and Sarah wasn’t, she wouldn’t think twice about “going on about it”. Mind you, Hayley wouldn’t come in the first place cos I don’t think she ever leaves the Warrington area without her WHOLE family. Sad cow!!

Jake said it’s pretty definite he’ll join us on the Swing Band trip. Yeah!!


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