No physical contact whatsoever – 24th March 2000

Thursday 24th Jake was at on open day at Huddersfield University all day so he wasn’t in college. We had to make do with text conversations.

At lunch, Karen took me, Hayley, Sarah and Gethin to McDonald’s. We took a detour round Lizzie’s village on the way back so I could see where Jake lives. I think I did. I think it was Ivor Ward who said he lives at number 17. I saw that house too. He gets the same bus as Lizzie who lives in the next close so it probably was him who lives there.

Then, when we got back towards school, we bombed it down Hodge Drive. It’s dead good cos the road’s full of holes and stuff so you bounce about everywhere! The 3rd time we did it, we went the other way. We were just saying how it wasn’t as good and then we went down a hole and the car took off! Gethin nearly went through the sunroof!

Hayley knows Andy’s not in Germany cos his mate told Georgia they were going to LA Bowl tonight so Hayley considered going. I suggested this to Jake and got a text back saying, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE JOKING RIGHT? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK ANDY ISN’T IN GERMANY? IF I WAS ANY BIGGER I’D TWAT HIM MYSELF! I HATE LA BOWL!!!!!! LOVE JAKE xxxxx”. It just made me laugh, the thought of him twatting someone!

I ended up going to the cinema tonight with just Jake because Gethin wasn’t going so Sarah wouldn’t go so Floyd wouldn’t go! I thought it’d be really awkward but it wasn’t at all. When we got there, he paid for the tickets (I did offer to pay for mine) and we sat down for a bit cos we were too early.

I saw Lizzie’s ex-boyfriend Brett Massey with his mate Stoned Rob (he looks stoned and he’s called Rob!) and they spoke to me for a bit until Keira came over with some lad for a chat.

The film Jake and I saw was American Beauty. It was funny but a bit weird. I had no physical contact whatsoever until we got into the car park afterwards and he held my hand. We just came straight home afterwards and I got a snog just before I got out of the car. He’s so nice!! I suppose I should be glad he’s never tried anything instead of forcing himself on me but sometimes I wish he would!!


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