Sobbing, paranoia and moaning – 22nd & 23rd March 2000

Wednesday 22nd I had to bring up the Hugo thing in the end today and then Jake told me what’d been going on. All it was was that Hugo had asked Jake if he’d slept with Lara Beale and he just said that he should mind his own business so Hugo automatically assumed they had slept together. According to Jake they haven’t but he never told Hugo that.

Then recently, when Jake and Hugo fell out, Hugo was going to tell me that Jake’d slept with Lara B. I don’t know what he’d have gained from that though. Prick!! Jake said that the phoned Hugo last night and told him that he hadn’t slept with Lara B but that only made him look like he’d been lying to Hugo.

At kickboxing tonight, I discovered that the little lad (we used to call him Yellow Stripes cos of his Adidas pants!) had got a girlfriend. Damn it! No, I shouldn’t say that, should I?!

Hayley told Jake that I’d pulled a student teacher at lunch. He was quite nice but he only let me in the dinner queue before him. She’s gutted today cos Andy says he’s going to Germany tomorrow. I hope Jake never does that (tells me one day in advance)!


Thursday 23rd We had tears again from Hayley about bloody Andy again. People (e.g. Julian, Freda, Sarah, Cat, Ken and Jake) keep complaining about her but I’m the one who can’t get a word in edgeways between the sobbing, paranoia and moaning!!

I went round to Floyd’s tonight with the usual lot of us. Jake sent me messages (cos he was working) to try and sort out tomorrow night. He said in one that it’d be nice to be able to talk to me without Hayley crying. He’s right!

He was showing me his university application stuff today because they won’t take his now as he’s taking a year out and I found out he’s originally from Dudley. That explains why on the coach back from skiing, Robbie said he had a video of Jake with a Brummie accent! Every time I see him now I’m going to think of The Grimleys!


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