“He’s got a fine girlfriend!” – 21st March 2000

Tuesday 21st Emma told me today that, on the London trip at the weekend, some of the lads including Conrad, Pallav and Jez Greenhalgh had been talking about Jake for some reason and they were saying stuff like, “He’s got a fine girlfriend!” I asked her if they knew he was going out with me (just to check!) and she said of course they do!

Jake wasn’t in college at all today because he wasn’t well. He said his whole family’s got whatever it is so that means it’s unlikely he’s caught it off me! I’ve been texting him all day though.

Floyd also sent him a message telling him I wouldn’t shut up about him and that he should come into college and put something in my mouth to keep me quiet! So I sent Jake a message asking what Floyd’d said (just to see if he told me!) and I also said I’d have to go round an nurse him back to health or something.

I got this reply: “FLOYD JUST SAID THAT YOU WON’T SHUT UP! THE IDEA OF U IN A NURSE UNIFOM MAKES ME FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH xxxxx”. I liked the ending to that one – it made me smile!

I sent him one back telling him to hurry up and get better and to think of nurse uniforms if it helped and he sent me one saying, “I HATE BEING ILL!! DID YOU SHOW MIKE THE MSG I SENT TO U COS HE WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT SAID? I’LL KEEP THINKING NURSE THOUGHTS! LOTS OF LOVE JAKE xxXxx : )”.

Then later when I’d told him that people kept asking me what I’d done to him or deciding that there was something going on with him and Gethin cos Gethin wasn’t in college either, I got a message saying, “HAH NO I HAVEN’T SEEN GETHIN ALL WEEK I DON’T THINK! THEY’RE RIGHT THOUGH – YOU AND YOUR NURSE UNIFORM WERE JUST TOO MUCH!! LOVE JAKE xxxxx”.

This evening I pointed out to Jake that he was going to tell me about the Hugo thing but that it was up to him if he did or not. I got a message then saying, “I’LL TELL YOU OTHERWISE YOU’LL BE THINKING ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME – ANYWAY THERE’S NOT MUCH TO TELL! I’VE SPOKEN TO HIM ABOUT IT BECAUSE TO ME IT’S IMPORTANT. LOVE J x”.

Why is it important? I don’t understand! If it was a lie, surely it shouldn’t matter. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow.


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