I hope he’s not been all the way before – 17th March 2000

Friday 17th I got my skiing photos back today. Some of them were quite good including one of Fit Alex. I took some around college too so I could finish off the film and I’ve got 2 of Jake. When my mum was looking through them, she guessed who he was and kept saying stuff like, “Ooh, he’s very nice!” and making me cringe. Then she told me he’s got a look of her first boyfriend. That’s just weird!

Sarah, Gethin, Hayley, Jake and I all went round to Floyd’s tonight. It was quite good but Jake didn’t get as drunk as I hoped he would! I wanted to him to because I wanted to question him on stuff such as how many girlfriends he’s had and how far he’s been with girls. I hope he’s not been all the way before but I suspect that maybe he has because, last Friday in The Coach, he was talking about someone and said how a “certain ex” of his was virtually a nymphomaniac. Then last night we were saying how tearing labels off bottles and crunching ice is a sign of sexual frustration and Jake said he used to do both. Before what??

But then, I also remembered on the night he brought Hugo Pratt out, Hugo was teasing him and made a comment about him being a virgin and Jake got all embarrassed looking and told Hugo to shut up. The thing is, he was only messing and Hugo also keeps saying things about Lara Beale (Jake’s ex) and the back of Jake’s car. Can’t be good!

I actually phoned Hugo tonight but only let it ring once and he rang me back later and Jake didn’t want me to talk to him and was saying to hang up, especially when I asked Hugo if he knew any of Jake’s deep, dark secrets and stuff. He either thought Hugo was going to lie to me or there is actually something he could’ve told me. I just can’t bring myself to ask Jake straight out!!

Anyway, all we really did at Floyd’s was sit about, talk and watch TV but Jake was always leaning on me or cuddling up to me and holding my hand or with his hand on my leg or stomach. It was really nice. We went for a walk with Gethin and Hayley and Sarah at one point which is when we snogged. Mmm!

When we got back, that’s when I was threatening to phone Hugo and Jake started fighting me for my phone! He also wouldn’t let the cat sit on me. Every time I sat forward to pick it up, he pulled me back onto the sofa and held me there. Don’t know why actually. Maybe he didn’t want to compete with a cat for my attention!!

He told me that he’d going away for a month in the summer with some of his mates around Europe and he wanted to know when I’m going to Holland with Swing Band cos Charlie Wilson is going with him but also has to come to Holland so Jake says he might come and stay there with us when they take Charlie. Cool! I hope that happens.

We got onto the subject of London and he was saying how there are really good clubs there. It suddenly dawned on me that I don’t know what he got up to when he used to go out either. He’s gorgeous, right, so he’s not going to have been ignored by girls. I suppose it shouldn’t really matter what he’s done in the past but I can’t help but wonder what it is!

I told him what my mum said about his photo and then he said that his dad saw the one Robbie took of me in Pra Loup and apparently said, “Oh, she’s nice, isn’t she?” Both his dad and my mum seemed shocked that we’re not grotesquely ugly or something!


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