I even got a snog after college – 15th & 16th March 2000

Wednesday 15th Went back to college today. It wasn’t a nice experience!

  • Gethin was being a bitch and making annoying and insulting comments.
  • I’ve successfully failed my CLAIT spreadsheet exam by completely pissing it up and getting all flustered when Mrs P started watching me (I’ll find out officially next week if I’ve failed – there’s no doubt about it!).
  • When I arrived at college this morning I was introduced to “substitute Tess” which is the most hideous stress pet I’ve ever seen!! Freda later managed to burst it and cover herself in flour!

A good part was being reunited with Jake. I even got a snog after college. Not a very good one (there were loads of people about!) but it was needed! It was that situation again where I tried to pull away but he carried on. I like that! He’s sooo lovely!!

Missed the Man Utd v Fiorentina (or however it’s spelt) match tonight. It was supposed to be top and Utd won 3-1. I really wanted to watch it but I was at kickboxing. That was dead good tonight cos he worked us a bit harder and told me my kicks were good! I’m going to sneak downstairs and watch the highlights now!


P.S. My hearing’s come back!!! J

Thursday 16th Jake, Cat and I all brought our skiing photos in today so we could sit and look and reminisce! He’s got some really nice ones of himself and one or two of me which aren’t actually too bad for once!

I saw quite a bit of Jake today. He wouldn’t tell me his middle names (which I already know are Matthew and Kenneth) even though I said that all I had to do was go downstairs and read the General Studies group lists. He gave me a lift home today too. 

Went round to Floyd’s tonight for a bit of a get together. Some people e.g. Cat and Sarah got quite drink which was stupid cos we’ve got college tomorrow!



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