Jake was stood in college, totally naked, waiting for me! – 14th March 2000

Tuesday 14th I didn’t go to college today or yesterday. I feel better today but I’m still bloody deaf!!

Didn’t have many messages today while everyone was in college except this one from Jake’s phone: “HI TESS I WANT U SO MUCH. I WANT 2 CUM ALL OVER YOUR TITS WHILE MY MUM VIDEOTAPES IT. LOVE JAKEY T AND HIS BITS.”

I knew it wasn’t from him but I had 3 missed calls and then a message on my answer service from Julian Olsen saying that Jake was stood in college, totally naked, waiting for me! Then he apologised for sending the dirty text message.

Later this evening I sent Jake a message asking if it was him that’d been trying to call me. He replied saying, “NO – JULIAN + FREDA NICKED MY PHONE + SENT A HORRIBLE MSG TO YOU – I MADE HIM RING YOU TO APOLOGISE! HOW R U FEELING? MANAGED TO DO ANY H’WORK? LOADS OF LOVE xxx”.

I sent him one saying I was feeling better and I’m coming in tomorrow and I did get some homework done, and he sent me another saying, “OK : ) SEE YOU 2MORROW – PEOPLE R BEGINNING TO THINK I’VE ABDUCTED YOU OR SOMETHING – FLOYD EVEN OFFERED TO PRETEND TO BE YOU FOR ME – HELP!! LOVE YOU J xxxxx”.

Oh, he’s so nice! How did I manage to get him??!

I spoke to Sarah before and she said Jake’s been in the common room with them all day even though I wasn’t there. She’s decided he’s got no friends!

Abby said that, last lesson, she’d been going past college and Niall was at the window trying to say something to her. Freda had been there too so I texted her to see what was going on and apparently Niall was trying to get Jake to talk to his future sister-in-law!


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