Am I ever going to get another snog off him??! – 9th & 10th March 2000

Thursday 9th I still can’t believe I’m going out with Jake Taylor!!! I like him soooo much now! I saw quite a bit of him today at lunch and stuff and he stopped for a while after college because we were shifting the careers stuff out of our common room. He went before me because he had to go to the dentist but I got a snog. They get better! I tried to stop it because I thought someone was coming in the room but he didn’t let me by leaning in as I tried to pull away. That was really nice for some reason. I suppose it’s because he wanted to carry on even if someone else had come in!

He smells really nice too. Sarah agrees! We were walking up the stairs in college today and we both got a whiff of what he wears and looked at each other. We didn’t even have to say anything, it was weird how we both just knew the other one was thinking, “I can smell Jake”! It’s Issy Myaki Miyake (I don’t know how you spell it) he told me. I’ve heard of that before because my sister always used to go on about how much she loved the smell. He says it’s his dad’s.

I got another message ending, “LOVE YOU xxxxx ; )” tonight. It made my stomach do that nice warm thing when I read it!

For future reference, Hugo Pratt’s home phone number is 01565 ******. Jake told me in the message because I’d asked what it was as an excuse so he’d send me a message back.


Friday 10th I’ve now developed aching eyes and a bad headache. Brilliant – this cold just gets better and better – NOT!!!

Went to see this Battle of the Bands thing at school tonight with Jake. It was pretty crap and I didn’t get any physical contact whatsoever off Jake all the way through. We went to The Coach afterwards and he held my hand, put his hand on my leg and stomach and leaned on me at various points in the evening but that’s as far as it went. Therefore I am extremely pissed off! All I got was a quick peck on the lips goodbye when I got out of the car because he was giving some lad a lift home. Grrr!! I won’t see him all weekend and nothing ever happens in college because there’s always loads of people about.

Am I ever going to get another snog off him??!


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