His kissing’s definitely improved! – 3rd March 2000

Friday 3rd Cat was talking to Jenny in their Art lesson again today. She told Cat that all the time in Paris, Jake was whinging that I wasn’t there and Cat told her that I’d been doing the same and saying “Jake!” longingly every few minutes. Jenny said he kept saying, “Tessa!” in the same way! Aled told Cat again that Jake’d been sat clutching his phone every night and worrying when I didn’t phone or something.

I completely dropped myself in it with Hayley today. I was sat talking to Floyd and Jake, and Floyd said that in biology they’d mentioned limbs and Hayley’d linked this to Lymm and then, of course, Andy. I then said, “Yeah she does that with everything. Like every time a blue car drives past she starts calling his name.” I said all that not realising she was stood in the doorway listening! She then stormed in and yelled, “Some friend you are!” and then went out again.

Cat and Sarah were hoping it’d make Hayley realise we’re all sick of hearing about Andy but I doubt it will! I tried to apologise and explain we were just saying how obvious it was she really liked Andy but she just kept sending messages back saying that she thought I was a friend but obviously I’m not and other bollocks like that.

I went out tonight with Jake, Niall Cafferty, Emma, Maisie, Gethin, Keira, Big Paul and a few others in The Mossland pub. It was really boring and I was worried that my dad was going to come in so eventually we went to The Coach and Horses. Hayley was there with Georgia Dean and she seemed to have forgiven me.

The subject of Canada came up again. Jake told me he’s only going for 12 weeks now and asked me when my birthday is. I told him and he said he’ll go after that instead of October, as long as he’s gone before New Year. Great!!

We went in The Plough later on. We had a snog in the car park which I needed! When we went in, most people we were with got chucked out because they were IDing people. I managed to avoid the woman who was doing it so I got to stay. Hayley and Georgia sneaked back in with Hayley’s brother later.

I snogged Jake while Hayley’s brother was around which was probably a mistake because he’ll discuss it with his mum who’ll probably discuss it with mine. AARRRGGH!!!

Jake gave me a lift home after dropping Samantha Beck off. I got a goodbye kiss and turned round as he was driving off to see him smiling to himself. His kissing’s definitely improved!


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