A nice hug and a peck on the cheek – 2nd March 2000

Thursday 2nd I had a nice message to read this morning. It said, “GOOD MORNING! ARE YOU GOING IN? HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON : ) LOVE YOU xXx”. As you may have guessed, it was from Jake.

I did go into college today, even though I’m still feeling pretty rough. I just kept drugging myself up with aspirin and throat sweets! Jake came to find me at break and he sat in the corner of the common room with me. When the bell went, he very sensibly said, “I won’t give you a kiss, I’ll just hug you instead.” He had his nice cuddly Quiksilver fleece on too.


The fleece.

So, this packet →


from the tissues I’ve been using today seemed very appropriate! So, me being me, I’ve stuck it in! (I love that picture!)

Jake also came with me and Cat at lunch to try and find out info about Alex. Jake then told us, after we’d asked everyone from skiing, that his mate Ian who he knows from Venture Scouts (what the hell are they??!!) played rugby in Bolton and therefore might know Alex. It turns out he doesn’t but Cat’s been having text conversations with Ian instead who was at Amanda Bryan’s party but no-one knows who he is either except, obviously, Jake.

After school (when I got a nice hug and a peck on the cheek off Jake) he sent me a message (Jake this is) saying Robbie’d remembered Alex’s surname is Cranwell. I got another later saying Katie knows his middle name. That message was signed off with “LOVE YOU xXx” as well. Aaah, I love it when he puts that!

I got another even later saying that Janine said she liked me and Cat after all. We hadn’t been sure at skiing, you see.

Tonight, I got a phone call off Jake. He was at work and rang to warn me that Mason had sent me a dirty message. He just wanted me to know it wasn’t from him. The text only said, “I WANT YOU BABY, AFTER I’VE HAD A HAND SHANK” though.


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