An opportunity to have a good smooch! – 1st March 2000

Wednesday 1st I didn’t go to college today because I woke up feeling really ill this morning. I’ve got a temperature and a sore throat and an extremely runny nose and I keep going deaf. I feel awful! I might drag myself into college tomorrow though because I’ve only got 2 lessons. Mind you, I’ll probably end up infecting everyone else.

I got messages from my mates asking if I was okay and stuff. I don’t think I missed much during the day but quite a lot of people went bowling tonight because it’s Freda’s birthday.

I had messages from Jake too apologising for giving me his sore throat and stuff! He gave me his postcard that he wrote to me in Paris yesterday. I just found it again before cos I put it in my Geography folder. I love his writing! →



I hope he doesn’t catch the sore throat back. I suppose I’ll have to control myself, won’t I, but he wants to go and see a film on Friday night and that’s just too good an opportunity to have a good smooch! Damn this bug!!


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