He’s going to skit me on the ski trip! – 10th February 2000

Thursday 10th I found myself feeling very miserable and disappointed when by 4th lesson today I still hadn’t seen Jake. I knew he was in college because I’d smiled at him briefly and he smiled back when he was in an assembly but that was it.

Then, just as I thought I wasn’t ever going to speak to him, I turned around from the homework I was doing and saw him strolling across the common room towards me, looking drop-dead gorgeous (as ever)!

He sat down and I asked him where he’d been all day. He told me he’d had lessons. We then just sorted out what we’re doing tomorrow night. If it all goes to plan, I’m going to phone his mobile from whichever pub I’m in and he’ll come and meet me there. I hope it all goes right and my mates don’t chicken out of coming and that he brings some of his mates so he won’t feel intimidated by us.

Abby told me tonight that she’d been talking to Robbie Taylor (his brother) in their Geography lesson and he said he thinks Jake fancies me and that he’s going to skit me on the ski trip!

Jacqueline said this morning that Jake is going to Canada in a few months. That’s not long then. This is really selfish but I really don’t want him to go. I like him so much and I intend to tell him that I really like him tomorrow night, just so he knows for definite. Jac and Abby already told Declan Churchill how much I like Jake and he’s mates with Robbie so he can tell him who’ll tell Jake.

I looked on the General Studies group lists and saw that he’s called Jacob Matthew Kenneth Taylor (which I already knew) and that his birthday is the 3rd October. He’s about 11 months older than me. Cool!


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