I sacrificed half a plate of chips and gravy – 8th February 2000

Tuesday 8th I didn’t see Jake until lunchtime and when I was sat in the canteen, I didn’t think I’d see him all day and I was a bit disappointed. Then when I was least expecting it, Emma marched into the canteen and asked me if I wanted to go to the pub with her, Big Paul and Jake. I must really like him because I sacrificed half a plate of chips and gravy to go along!

Big Paul and Jake were waiting outside the college for us. Jake looked really gorgeous in his big white fleece, jeans and scruffy Pod trainers. We went in Big Paul’s car and headed for somewhere near town but changed our minds and ended up in The Plough. We just sat there talking. The lads had a pint each and Emma and I just at chips [Again?!] and chocolate (not at the same time!).

On the way back, Jake told us that his Beetle car was his dad’s but he was going to sell it in a couple of months to pay for his Canada trip. As soon as he mentioned that, my stomach sank. His A Level exams aren’t that far off so he’ll probably go after those which doesn’t give us much time. I’d better make the most of him now and try to put Canada to the back of my mind. 😦

When we got back to college, Emma and Big Paul went off somewhere so Jake and I walked in together. When we went past his little common room, all his mates were grinning and waving at him. I wonder what they think of us. I was already late for Sports Studies and he was off to the Trafford Centre so we had to say goodbye. He kissed me on the lips again, really nicely and for a few seconds longer than he did yesterday. I just wanted to snog the lad but there were quite a lot of people about so I managed to just about control myself! I really, really, really like him now!

Cat told me today that one of his mates said he really likes me. That’s quite a few people who’ve said that now. I want to know what he’s been saying!

People keep saying we make a really sweet couple and asking if we’re going out. When I say no, they ask if we’re seeing each other. I then have to say, “ Well… sort of, I suppose” because I really don’t know. One person that asked was Sian Dell in Swing Band after school. I asked how she knew and she told me that, in their Geography lesson, Jake wouldn’t tell them who he met [snogged] on Friday or something but they eventually got it out of him. So now nearly everyone knows but I really don’t care cos I really like him!

I’ve just received a text from Sarah saying, “BEEN WONDERING IF I SHOULD TELL U THIS ALL NITE… PROMISE U WON’T SAY ANYTHING? HAYLEY THINKS  U R GONNA GO OFF WITH EMMA + JAKE NOW. THAT’S SO SELFISH OF HER DON’T U THINK?” I might have known Hayley’s possessive side would show itself. It’s pathetic! She’s so paranoid all the time. I wish she’d sort herself out.

Yet again she needs a bloody good kicking! I can tell you now that if Andy was at our college, we wouldn’t be seeing much of her. I hate the fact that it seems as if in Hayley’s perfect world, I wouldn’t have any friends other than her and certainly no boyfriends. It’s so sad! Actually, I bet it’s a slight touch of jealousy too because, before me and Jake, she got loads of attention and she’s been getting less now people keep asking about me and him and saying we make a nice couple and stuff.

I’ve also noticed this week that she’s been telling people about the intimate things she and Andy say to each other and also she’s been constantly moaning she feels ill. It does get her more attention too so she’s bound to continue it.


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