My heart sped up extremely rapidly – 7th February 2000

Monday 7th I usually get to college about 20 minutes before lessons start so, once the bell had gone for 1st lesson, I thought I’d got away without seeing Jake, for the morning at least. I was wrong. I didn’t have Sports Studies 1st lesson as normal because Mr P-K isn’t in because he’s messed up his knee badly so I just sat about in the common room.

Emma told me this morning that Jake said on Friday that he’s liked me since Austria (I’m still in shock about this!) and I was just in the process of telling Hayley, Sarah and Cat about that when Hayley said, “I’d shut up if I were you”. I didn’t really know what she was on about so I turned round to have a look, only to see Jake walking and smiling across the common room towards me.

My mates all ran off to their lesson so my heart sped up extremely rapidly and my hands started shaking when I realised I was going to be left alone with him.

We talked for a whole hour! There was the odd awkward silence and he admitted he wasn’t very talkative but we were getting on alright, just talking about college and stuff that happened at the party. He’s so nice!

Of course, we had Gethin and Emma and various other people walking past and grinning or blowing kisses and stuff but I didn’t really care. I was quite relieved when someone like Gethin came and talked to us for a few minutes because it usually started up something new to talk about.

He asked for my mobile number at one point and sat on a chair right next to me. I gave it him and I’ve got his now too. His mobile number is: 078** ******. I also found out he lives in Lizzie’s village.

The time actually passed quite quickly before the bell went for 2nd lessons and he had to go. I wasn’t expecting it but, as he was getting up to go, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. After that, I couldn’t stop smiling all morning!

I saw him briefly on the way to Biology and said hello before he and Sarah managed to collide with each other going through the door. I’m just glad that wasn’t me he walked into!

When I went up to the common room at lunch, Jake was already up there talking to Big Paul. Sarah and I headed for the canteen and Jake followed. He asked if I wanted to go to McDonald’s with him but I told him I’d promised Sarah I’d go in the canteen with her. I actually had but I also still hadn’t calmed down after being sat with him for a lot of the morning and I don’t want to start ignoring my friends either. He went off somewhere then and I didn’t see him again until after school.

I was up in the common room, sat on the cupboard, talking to Gethin and I heard someone say, “She’s in there”. I knew it was him so I leapt off the cupboard and sat on a chair next to him. We talked a bit but not as much as this morning because other people were talking to us as well. He seemed to find it amusing when I told Gethin to take his pants [Trousers!] off and show us how he could turn them into a bag though!

He offered to give me a lift home so I accepted because it was raining. We waited for the school buses to go then left. His car’s a really ancient blue thing so everyone can see him coming. It was a bit awkward again but it didn’t take long to get home. We saw Emma and Big Paul driving the other way and they saw me so no doubt I’ll get questioned by them in the morning!

He dropped me off in The Green Dragon car park, we kissed quickly and I left, smiling AGAIN!!

I really like him. I just wish it wasn’t awkward. I also hope he doesn’t just start asking me to go out of school at lunch because I’d rather go in the canteen with my mates at the moment but I don’t like saying no to him.


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