I’m going to end up really, really liking him – 6th February 2000

Sunday 6th My sister spoke to Jacqueline again today and she had more to tell me about Jake. She said that a while back, some girl in their year called Leah Moore had asked Jake to meet (snog) her. Samantha Breck told him not to do it and he said, “I won’t. Do you think I’m stupid? I don’t want to ruin my chances with Tess.”

Also, Samantha asked him if he knew me or if he’d ever spoken to me and he must have told her we didn’t really speak and she said to Jac that he just can’t stop looking at me or something!

I really can’t believe all this! I had no idea he liked me. Mind you, he probably doesn’t now after I got drunk on Friday!

That was the good stuff but Abby also told me he’s going off to be a ski instructor in Canada for a year when he’s done his A Levels. That’s not very far off. I can predict now that I’m going to end up really, really liking him and then ending up getting hurt. I can’t worry about that now though. I’m better off taking each day as it comes.

AAARRGGHHH!!! College tomorrow!


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