The Love Web of Doom – 2nd February 2000

Wednesday 2nd It’s James Douglas’s (or Dougie, as he’s more commonly known) birthday today but I forgot. I was going to get a card for him from the petrol station when I skived Biology (because they got the locusts out. AARRGGHH!!) but I got side-tracked doing ‘The Love Web of Doom’ on the whiteboard in our common room with Cat so, in the end, I forgot again! I just wished him happy birthday instead.

The Love Web of Doom (as it was named by Gethin) is just a daft thing we’ve been doing in free periods when we’re bored. We write a name and then draw lines from that person to link them to other people who they fancy or have snogged and then the same for those other people. We filled the whole board.

e.g. cymera_20170821_194612.jpg

There was a link from me to this lad called Nathan (who I snogged) and from him to Emma also (because she’s snogged him too) and at break we caught Patrick Campbell changing Nathan’s name to his own. Stuart Hobbs told us that it’s because he wishes Emma and I fancy him!

I sent another text to Reevesy today out of pure boredom. It said, “HELLO! I’M BORED SO I THOUGHT I’D JUST TEXT U. ROSES R RED, MY COAT IS BLACK, I WANT U 2 HAVE ME, FLAT ON MY BACK!! TEXT ME BACK I CAN’T STAND THE BOREDOM! TESS xxx” I got one back saying, “OK! BUT U BETTER GIVE A GOOD RIDE!”

After I got that, the thought of Reevesy totally repulsed me so I sent him one back saying, “I’M SORRY! I DIDN’T SEND THAT LAST MESSAGE. IT’S TRUE I’M BORED THOUGH COS I’M STUCK IN A LESSON. I’D BETTER GO B4 TEACHER SEES ME DOING THIS! FEEL FREE TO TEXT ME. xx” A while layer I got a rather odd message from his phone saying, “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY LOVER. HE’S MINE BITCH!” Hmmm… it’s got to have been one of his mates because I doubt he’s got a girlfriend!!


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