I’m a bit worried that he thinks I actually fancy him – 1st February 2000

Tuesday 1st Hayley told me this morning that, on the phone to Andy last night, their conversation had got onto their mates. First he asked her which of his mates she’d like if he wasn’t around and then she asked him the same question. Apparently he said, “That one you’re always with is nice.” She asked if he meant me and he said he did. That was quite a nice start to the day!

I received a text from Zoe this morning which said, “WILL U DO ME A FAVOUR? IT’S REVENGE AGAINST REEVESY!” I sent her one back asking why and what exactly she wanted me to do. She replied, “JUST WIND HIM UP! HE’S BEEN SUCH A BASTARD 2 ME! JUST SAY U LIKE HIM OR SOMETHING.”

I nearly didn’t do anything because I thought it’d be a bit mean but then I got bored in a free lesson so I texted him. I didn’t put anything serious though. I said, “HELLO! JUST THOUGHT I’D TEXT U + DECLARE MY UNDYING LOVE 4 U! ROSES R RED, MY UNDERWEAR’S BLUE, I’D TAKE IT OFF, JUST 4 U!! LOVE TESS xxx”. I didn’t expect a reaction but I got one. He sent me a text back saying, “YEH, LUV U 2”.

I got bored again after lunch so I phoned his phone to see if it was switched on then I’d know if he could get more messages. I forgot to do 141 before dialling his number though so it wasn’t anonymous. I got a text later saying, “I’M IN LESSONS + CAN’T TALK RING ME AT 1. REEVESY”. When I didn’t ring at 1:00 he sent a text saying, “FONE ME” so now I’m a bit worried that he thinks I actually fancy him. Believe me, I don’t!

This evening, the whole family and Mollie (our Scottie dog) went to visit my Grandma S. to check she could work her new fire. It’s Amir’s birthday today (he’s 17) so while I was there I sent him a text saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (DON’T WORRY, I’M NOT STALKING U! LIZZIE TOLD ME.) HAVE FUN! LUV TESS xxx”. Later, I got one back saying, “CHEERS!” I don’t know why but it made me smile. [I fancied him, that’s why.] I suppose I didn’t think he’d answer but he did.


4 thoughts on “I’m a bit worried that he thinks I actually fancy him – 1st February 2000

    • Why, thank you! Actual reply then… I do still write the odd poem but they’re never serious and usually as a response to something annoying or embarrassing.

      For example, the last one was was a poetic apology/confession after I was drunkenly sick in someone’s sink and (in what I thought was a bloody genuis move at the 4am) unblocked it using the toilet brush rather than my hand. I hasten to add that I thoroughly cleaned said sink immediately afterwards but, in this particular house, the unusually clean sink made everyone suspicious… and so followed the poem.

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