I’ve reached my full potential – 28th January 2000

Friday 28th I was informed by Hayley and Lizzie at college today that at bowling, as I bent over to bowl, Stuart Hobbs said, “She’s got a nice arse!” Also, Freda is said to have agreed with him! She probably did because she’s been pretending (we think!) that she fancies me for a while now! Why did it have to be Stuart who said that? He’s a geek! Just my luck! [I was desperate for geek attention a few days before!]

I went to the cinema tonight with Lizzie, Cat, Hayley, Emma, Gethin and Big Paul. We went to see the film ‘Stigmata’. It was a bit weird but quite good. Afterwards, Emma, Gethin, Big Paul and I went back to Emma’s village. Gethin went home but the rest of us went in The Plough for a drink. Emma and Big Paul are sort of a couple so I was actually quite glad when Stuart and Brian Short turned up.

We got talking about Valentine’s Day and somehow got onto the subject of Patrick Campbell. I was then told by Stuart that Patrick used to ‘have a thing’ for me and was always saying that I had really nice eyes.

Later on, a large crowd arrived from The Dog which included my sister. She’s going to be embarrassed tomorrow because she started talking to Pallav, Jez and Robert (who are in my year) and then telling them all she fancies Powell Manning who they’re mates with. Ha ha ha!!! It serves her right for getting drunk!


P.S. Just remembered – Emma was saying how my hair looked nice and she said that this American lad, Davis Nolan, agreed. She said he’s been saying for ages that I had serious potential to look good and now I’ve reached my full potential. Nice of him to say so [hmmm], it’s just a shame he’s not someone I fancy as usual!

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