It’s nice to know I have that effect on somebody! – 27th January 2000

Thursday 27th 


Tessa Jane Simpson
Aged 17
17th diary

Well, I’ve got a new diary but I’ve not got much new to write in it.

I went to LA Bowl this evening with Lizzie Bond, Cat Elliot, Freda Fernandez, Bridget Linehan, Zoe Carrera, Hayley Pearson, Chloe Gomez, Denzel Chadwick, Stuart Hobbs and Julian Olsen. It was so boring! I didn’t really want to go in the first place because I’ve been so much recently but Hayley talked me into it in the end.

If I hadn’t have gone, something interesting would’ve happened but seeing as I went, nothing did! I got a score of 137 on a game of bowling and the people who are on some league team commented how good it was but that was about the only thing that happened.

This lad called Andy Winston who Hayley’s kind of seeing (and don’t we all bloody well know it!) turned up with his mates and she went off with him. That kept her happy but the rest of us were bored stiff!

There’s one lad called Reevesy who used to go out with Zoe but dumped her because he fancies me, and the other night I rang him up and sent him a text message from my phone apologising for waking him up (see 16th diary). Well, Zoe told me tonight that he was really chuffed when I rang (I didn’t even say much!) and even more so when he got my text message. It’s nice to know I have that effect on somebody!


P.S. Recently, I’ve also been sending texts to a lad called Amir who swims with Lizzie. They were just mess-about ones saying I was in love with him and stuff. He sent some back too. Anyway, last night he was talking about it and he’s decided I’m a bit mad. Great, I bet he thinks they were serious! I think I might just stop sending them now!

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