Why does he have to be going out with Jac? – 21st January 2000

Friday 21st  I went to Hayley’s village tonight with Hayley, Cat and Sarah. We started off in The Coach and Horses but didn’t stay long because there were a load of people who we don’t really like in there and they wouldn’t serve us. So we went on to The Dog. It was so much better in there.

My sister and all her mates were in The Dog so we just sat with them. It was full of fit College 2 lads playing pool e.g. Jackson Leeming and Niall Pilling. I had to put up with Danny Barnes and Jacqueline though. Danny was being dead nice to me though. Abby was pissed and embarrassing herself and he kept sympathetically smiling at me. Later on he also asked how my sister and I were getting home. Why does he have to be going out with Jac?

Hayley ended up getting upset because Andy didn’t turn up. I can’t say I blame him though. He didn’t know where he was going and he’d have been with a load of people he didn’t know. He could’ve given her more notice though. It left the rest of us having to put up with a miserable Hayley, which isn’t good.

Later on we all went on the The Plough. The 4 of us weren’t there long cos Cat tried to get served but they wanted ID and told her she couldn’t stay on the premises without it. They saw me with her so they said the same even though I wasn’t getting a drink. The woman who told us was Hayley’s next door neighbour which didn’t help. I was sooo pissed off. If I go in there again I’ll just have to avoid the bar. We might well make this a regular thing because it was quite good anyway.


P.S. While we were waiting for a taxi, I phoned Reevesy cos I was bored. The conversation went:-

Reevesy: Hello?
Me: Hi, erm… you’re not Rachael! Who is this?
R: It’s Reevesy.
Me: Oh, hi! Sorry, you’re number’s just next to Rachael’s in my phone. Did I wake you up?
R: Yeah but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to wait up for my parents. I just fell asleep on the couch.
Me: Oh, sorry. I’d better go. Bye!

I also phoned Stoned Rob for the same reason. He didn’t answer his phone though. Someone called Gaz did.

Hayley lent me the video of The Grimleys cos Emma, Ed, Pallav, Bobby and a few other people I know were extras in the school assembly on it. I think the episode was called ‘Gold Star’ or something.

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