I think I actually like him – 20th January 2000

Thursday 20th Amir’s gone to Paris with his college for a German trip (confusing!) or something. I’m actually quite bothered. I don’t understand it! I think I actually like him. He’s quite sweet! Mind you, that is just going from text messages!

Floyd Miller’s obsessed with Sarah. It’s really sweet but she’s gone all scared now. He even did his hair this morning to try and impress her and he says he’s going to send her a Valentine’s card and present. Aaahh!

Sarah and Lizzie and I went into Warrington today. We saw Freddie Bevan AGAIN! We also saw Stoned Rob. We phoned him again in the bus station and we spoke to him then. He said that Reevesy still fancies me. He also said it wasn’t him who sent the “PHONE ME BABE” message but he won’t say who it was.


P.S. Lizzie said that Amir always listened to music like ‘Bonkers’ and she reckons he’s got the one I’ve got. [Oh, Jesus Christ. I’d forgetten about Bonkers. Horrible.] She also told me that he’s doing German, P.E. and psychology for his A-levels.

4 thoughts on “I think I actually like him – 20th January 2000

    • A variety but it can more or less be described in one word: indierockpoppunkbeyoncé. No happy hardcore. I’m about to go to a folk festival but there’ll only be so many accordions and fiddles I can take for the rest of the year after that.


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