Dougie suggested that we should run away together – 15th & 17th January 2000

Saturday 15th Guess where I went tonight. Bloody LA Bowl again! I’m sick of the place! It was a bit better tonight cos more of us went. Dougie and I were both having a problem with same sex admirers though. Julian was after him and Freda is still after me. HELP!! Dougie suggested that we should run away together. Shame he wasn’t serious. Phwoar! He is sooo nice!

I also got looked up and down by some bloke. He was with a group who were all alright except him. He was manky looking with glasses. Just my luck!

Amir got my message last night while he was working at the pool with Lizzie. She told him that I’d been writing “I ♥ Amir 4eva + eva amen” on the whiteboard at school and she said he got a bit freaked out so she admitted I was only messing about.

Apparently he sent a message back last night saying, “I LOVE U 2” or something but I never got it so I sent one to him saying, “LIZZIE SAID U SENT ME A MESSAGE BUT I DIDN’T GET IT (sob sob!). NEVER MIND, I STILL WANT U! SORRY IF I’M FREAKING U OUT, IT’S JUST THAT I LOVE U SOOO MUCH! TESS x :)” It’s going to be embarrassing if I ever see him again!!

I did get a reply but it only said, “CAN’T TALK, ON MY WAY TO SMITHS”. It’s his equally minging mate Rick’s birthday so they were off out clubbing. I wonder if he got a snog. Lizzie said he’s always whinging  cos he’s only met [snogged] 2 people and it was ages ago. Aaaahh.


Monday 17th I’ve been texting Amir again today. I started it this morning by saying, “HELLO! HOW R U? I’M V.V.V.V. BORED SO I’M IN LOVE WITH U AGAIN! JUST THOUGHT I’D LET U KNOW. LOVE TESS xxxxxxxx”.

I wasn’t expecting it but I got a reply. It said quite simply, “I LUV U 2”. So, I sent another  saying, “DO U? GREAT!! R U BORED 2? I STILL HAVEN’T GO THAT MESSAGE U SENT ON FRI. WHAT DID IT SAY? LUV TESS xxx”. He replied saying, “I DECLARED MY UNDYING LUV 4 U! I’M V. BORED. NOT DONE MY COURSEWORK SO MY TEACHER WILL KILL ME!”

Lizzie said that the message I didn’t get said something like, “I love you 2 + I’m not under the influence of anything!” She was there when he wrote it.

The next message I sent to Amir said, “ HAVE U GOT ANY MATES THAT WANT TEXT SEX COS MY MATE SARAH IS A BIT DESPERATE?! SHE’S BORED 2. SHAME I NEVER GOT URE MESSAGE. LUV U! TESS xxx :)”. Sarah’d been moaning that she didn’t get many messages which is why I sent that one. Amir replied, “MY MATE BRETT WILL PROBLY TALK BUT WE’RE GOING TO OUR ORAL SESSION! SPEAK WITH U LATA. 07940 ******.” The number was his mate’s so I sent a daft message to it from Sarah’s phone.

I sent Amir a message later saying, “HAVE U FINISHED URE ORAL SESSION YET?! I’M STILL AT COLLEGE SO I’M STILL BORED SO I STILL LOVE U! LUV TESS xxxxx”. I didn’t get a reply to that one.

I got some daft message later from him and Brett (Lizzie’s ex) with loads of ‘i’s and ‘!’s and then, “SEND THIS TO 5 PEOPLE + U WILL BE LOVED BY THE 1 U LOVE IN THE YEAR 2000!” I didn’t send it to anyone because it’s a waste of bloody credit! In fact, I bet the phone companies started it just for that reason!

I made up another one of my poems before for Lizzie cos she didn’t know what to send to Gethin. It goes:-

Roses are red,
Cars have a horn,
You’re in denial,
But we know you watch porn.

I hope she doesn’t actually send it!

Recently, Lizzie’s been getting dodgy text messages from the Orange website. She found it out was Brett’s mate Rob (who was there on Bonfire Night) tonight cos he rang her asking to meet up and stuff.


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